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Alarm Systems For Your Home

Alarm Systems For Your Home

Feel safer at home with a modern alarm system! At homify we can deliver experts, advice and examples that will suit your needs.
Feel safer at home with a modern alarm system! At homify we can deliver experts, advice and examples that will suit your needs.

Alarm system

Don’t worry! We are not asking you to get up early, certainly not on your weekend. We have not set the alarm clock and we are not going to ring it for you. We are talking of an alarm of a very different kind – one that is even more important than that your household clock rings.

We are about to discuss regarding different types of alarm systems, their functions and importance of having them at your residence. And yes, there will be work for you. You certainly cannot expect to rest easy till you have made your home sufficiently secure. As Picasso said, “Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock.”

Importance of home security systems

There are more to this phrase “home security systems” than you may have ever imagined. Yes, it is meant to make your home a secure. It is necessary for creating a peaceful abode for yourself and your family. So these systems try to alert about an impending danger and sufficiently equip you to prevent the ensuing disaster.

However, these are an oversimplified way of tying to define a home security system. You need to have a plethora of modern electronic facilities to avoid any kind of break ins, damages related to storm, fire or floodwater, medical emergencies and so on.

The more full proof you want this system to be, the more complicated it becomes. As you will shortly see a smoke alarm is not equipped to go off when the house is filled with a certain poisonous gas. It is simply not built for that. Managing so many equipments together and monitoring them closely is going to be a hectic task for you even if you are skilled for the same. At this point, you may need the assistance of the experts.

The necessity of a home security agency

You may be someone equipped with the latest knowhow of the security systems. You have installed as many kinds of monitoring system as you thought you’d require. But you simply don’t have time enough to do the monitoring. You are too caught up with your own work and hardly have any time to take on this very serious task. Do you think you will be able to build a secure home this way? Certainly not!

You need skilled people to monitor the system, keep it functional all the time and capable of managing any of kind of emergency situation. It is for this reason you need to discuss your requirements with competent home security agencies and hand over this responsibility to the one you find most suited for your task.

Choosing a competent security agency

Before deciding on any one agency, perform a thorough background check. As and when required ask for authorisations and certifications. Do not risk your family’s well being by opting for cheaper options. Check the credentials of the personnel going to be present in your premises. Seek the opinions of those who use the services of the said company.

Insist on a professional approach from their part. Check if they have an emergency response team as a backup and a customer service team working round the clock. Find out about their mechanisms of handling any kind of situation that can be a potential cause for alarm.

Only after carefully evaluating all these, think about signing a contract. This is one thing that you must not rush off with. Begin with a short stint or monthly arrangements and renew it for a longer period only when you are satisfied with their services.

Assess your security requirements

Before investing in costly security systems of thinking of engaging security personnel, you need to assess your requirements calmly. Consider all these questions carefully – the size of your dwelling, how far it is from the nearest big city and if it is built on a large plot with landscaped garden all around it.

Think carefully about your family. Every day before you go to work, do you leave your kids or elderly parents at home? Do you need to be out of the town frequently? Is your house located in an isolated spot or a busy roadside? Think also about your budget and seek opinions from your family members as well. Once you have a clear picture in mind, you will be able to make a much better choice about house alarm systems and security agencies.

Home alarm systems

Let’s discuss briefly about the different types of home alarm systems used to discourage the burglars. You can consider having a home automation system capable of monitoring the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) as well as the security aspect of your home. These systems are manufactured to be wired all the time and can be scrutinised remotely using laptops, smart phones or stand alone monitors built for the purpose.

Unmonitored systems are also available at a much cheaper price. These are built to sound alarms at detecting unusual movements or smoke. But unless you have people in your home who can react soon enough to avoid any kind of disastrous consequences, this is not going to work at all.

However, it is better to have some kind of alarm systems than nothing at all. This may also be useful if your house is built in a bustling city centre where you have neighbours and strangers to assist you in the hour of need.

Video surveillance is a very popular feature opted for by many. These systems capture the images and save them in a cloud storage system accessible both to you and the agency working on your behalf. However, you need to be very careful about protecting your privacy. Since wireless media are used to transfer the data, added precaution is needed to save oneself from the hackers as well.

It is best to link these surveillance systems with local police and fire stations, so that in case of a security breach, you can have an adequate cover.

Alarm systems – some more variations

As indicated before, it would be incorrect to consider that you need only one kind of house alarm to dissuade the burglars. Alarm systems can also help to protect you from possible fire hazards, impending natural disasters and medical emergencies. Along with sprinklers, a fire alarm is a prime necessity for every house. Keep fire extinguishers handy on every floor and teach your family about its usages. In case of any potential threats, they will know how to protect themselves.

Storm and flood alarms can notify everyone about the looming natural threats. Both of them come with details like the speed of the wind, changing water level and what would be the timeframe within which you are expected to evacuate your house. Most of the Malaysian houses, especially those located in the coastal area, would highly benefit from having a flash flood sensor.

Another important sensor to have at home is the one that detects carbon monoxide contamination of the interior environment. This gas is highly poisonous, is colourless and odourless. Only specific detectors are capable of sensing its presence and set off the note of warning accordingly.

Listen-in system is very useful to react in time for any medical emergencies. Alarm systems are also available to detect electrical current leaks, water seepage and so on. But, utilise only those which you consider to be indispensible and enjoy spending time in your secure and cosy nest.

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