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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Find the best bathroom remodel ideas. Browse through images of bathroom renovations to create your dream home. Here you can also find a professional to help with remodelling your bathroom.
Find the best bathroom remodel ideas. Browse through images of bathroom renovations to create your dream home. Here you can also find a professional to help with remodelling your bathroom.

Bathroom remodel

According to many, bathroom remodel means lots of hassles and wastage of money. This is not exactly a misplaced feeling. Bathroom remodelling can at times be a harrowing experience. With some efforts you can minimise the frequency of renovations, but cannot completely rule them out. But you can, most certainly, learn to be more methodical during future refurbishing and reduce the hassles of the task.

Before you start glamorising the interior, make sure you remediate any kind of structural faults. Your bathroom does not get adequate lighting? Try to open up the windows or build skylight installations. Nobody likes to step inside a dark and gloomy space infested with mould and mildew. Investigate, why your bathroom is suffering from these nagging issues.

Is it because there a leaking pipeline behind the wall? Has your plumbing become rusted or weak? Then make arrangements for changing the plumbing system. Go for rust free of galvanised plumbing solutions. Improve the drainage system to keep your bathroom clean, dry and hygienic all day long.

Fuss free formula for bathroom renovations

Proper ventilation ensures a refreshing bathroom ambience. While working on bathroom renovations, explore various ventilation options that can help you to maintain a healthy interior atmosphere. Install a quality exhaust and small ceiling fan in this space. Soffit vents that come in a variety of styles are very useful for keeping bathrooms refreshed all day long.

Use ceiling mounted recessed lighting, wall scones or mirrors with LED panels to cheer up the space. If availability of natural light is sparse, you will have to be extra careful in choosing your lighting fixtures.

Do you know plants like peace lily, tilandsia, philodendron, fern and bamboo can enormously improve the quality of the interior atmosphere? Some of these have added moisture absorbing capabilities which are useful for a high moisture zone like bathroom.

Frugal bathroom renovation tips

Giving a fresh coat of paint or going for a brand new colour scheme is the easiest way of brightening up any space. During the course of your bathroom renovation, try to spice up the feature wall. Choose tiles having subtle patterns, different textures or tone. Satin, semi gloss or egg shell wall finishes would also give a luxurious makeover to your bathroom.

To revamp this space further, restyle your old shelves. If your vanity units have started looking jaded exchange them with a stylish modern cabinet. Think of other minor touches that spice up the interior without necessarily upsetting your budget. A new set of curtains, including shower curtain, or blinds for the windows, a larger mirror with or without frames and refurbished towel rods are something that can easily give your bathroom a bright and cheery look without much of an effort.

Asian bathroom ideas

Classical Asian bathrooms prefer having an interior clad in natural wood, stone, terracotta, ceramic or mosaic tiles. Modern homes are increasingly showing a tendency to go for more cost effective and easy to maintain flooring materials like porcelain tiles, textured rubber mats or concrete. An uninhibited flow of natural light and fresh air is recommended for this space. In homify you will find lots of Asian bathroom ideas to take inspirations from.

Scandinavian bathroom design

Scandinavian bathroom design is highly appreciated for its use of subtle colours, simple furniture and décor. If your home follows a contemporary style, then a Scandinavian bathroom will be perfectly suited for you.

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