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Clean Your Home

Clean Your Home

If you need help to clean your house, or if you are looking for the best cleaning tips, we at homify can help!
If you need help to clean your house, or if you are looking for the best cleaning tips, we at homify can help!

House clean up

A clean and organised house not only improves its looks, but also speaks highly of your housekeeping habit. It is important for the health and hygiene of the inhabitants of the house. We all know that, yet we cannot also deny that the task itself does not feel too appealing and regular spring cleaning schedule leaves us all exhausted.

House cleaning regimen

Almost all of us try to follow a house cleaning schedule that suits us. However, there cannot be an ideal cleaning schedule, what suits you may not suit your friend. So it is important to devise a routine that feels comfortable and manageable for you. Our hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to spring cleanse the interiors regularly.

However, you can take small steps everyday to clean one area of your house that requires immediate attention. Alternatively, you can generally try to keep things as organised as possible and dust off a part of your room every day before undertaking any deep cleaning activities during the weekends.

A clean house is the most basic requirement of a fashionable home. According to the traditional wisdom of feng shui, positive energy circulates well in a decluttered home. Proper cleansing extends the life of your valuable belongings. Books, clothes and accessories remain bug free. You and your family can enjoy inhaling in a cleaner interior environment with fewer concerns for allergic reactions.

Choice of materials for a clean house

Certain materials are easier to clean and maintain than others. While building a new house or refurbishing the old one, this is not something that we pay attention to often. It is important not to choose construction materials solely based on their looks. You must think of the functional aspect and their durability under regular wear and tear.

Generally speaking, glossier surfaces are easier to clean than matte. This does not mean you will have to go glossy everywhere in your home. Such kind of an interior will not be too suitable to inhabit for long. Just make sure you opt for wall finishes and paints that are smooth and do not easily develop blemishes. Exposed brick walls must be properly treated to withstand moisture, without which it is bound to lose its quality and charm.

Flooring must be chosen carefully. Polished stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles are very easy to maintain. Premium quality wood flooring is also easy to keep dust free, but it requires periodic maintenance. You can also dry or damp mop marmoleum, linoleum or sheet vinyl flooring though they are not as durable as high quality stone, wood or porcelain.

Bathroom and kitchen are the two areas that should be built using such materials are naturally water repellent. Selecting the right kitchen countertop is very important in this regard. From easy cleaning perspective, stainless steel, stone, acrylic resin or laminated countertops are suitable for the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

House cleaning checklist

Try to declutter your house effectively. This is the first step towards building a neat and tidy home. This also makes your regular cleaning work easy. Start with one area of your home like the understair space, utility room or study and slowly proceed to the next one. Recycle your old items, donate or throw away those clothing items, shoes, accessories etc that you do not intend to use for you any longer.

Pay special attention to keep your kid’s room clean. If not daily, you will have to change the bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains as frequently as possible. Children’s cupboard drawers and trunks require special care too. If the room is carpeted or partly covered with a thick rug try to keep it as dust free as possible.

Do not try to accomplish too much in a short span of time. You will only leave yourself exhausted in the process. For any deep cleaning project, try to work early in the morning or late in the evening when the heat is low. Music lovers, put on some great music to ease your fatigue. It will be less strenuous, if you can get your family members to help you with this.

You must wear a dust mask, especially if you are allergy prone. Do not forget your gloves and apron. Use safe cleaning tools and materials like detergents, cleaning solutions etc. Try to stick to organic or homemade products as far as possible.

Many people prefer using microfiber cloths to clean the surface areas. It is soft and attracts dust. Vacuum cleaning is the best option for removing cobwebs or cleaning difficult to reach corners. Rugs and curtains must be vacuum cleaned as well. Use dusters with long handles to clean the area near the ceiling. Those suffering from weaknesses of the forearms or chronic back pain should never attempt to reach out to these areas.

Kitchen cleaning tips

This is one area which requires regular tending and, though small in size, often takes more time to cleanse than some other rooms of the house. There are certain chores that must be done every day after the completion of the work. This includes wiping the countertops, stove, sink and the area near the dishwasher if not the entire floor.

Some liquid spills, stains etc would be difficult to remove later if left to dry overnight. Moreover, they will encourage pest infestation which is very unhealthy. To clean the worktop and remove any residual marks you can use a solution of water, juice of lemons and sodium bicarbonate. It is one of the most effective cleansing solutions and leaves your kitchen smelling fresh afterwards.

You can use quality solutions available in the market as well. But make sure they are hygienic, appropriate for the material you are about to clean and preferably organic. Marble tops should never be wiped with an acidic solution. The lemon water solution works well for your microwave oven and refrigerator as well. A mild vinegar solution is also good for this purpose.

Use glass or stainless steel cleansers to purify the sink. Try to sweep or dry mop the floor at the end of the day. It is important to clear up the trash cans every day. Deep clean the cabinets at least once every month. Keep such items in the kitchen that repel insects and various pests. Chili pepper, a cotton ball soaked in neem oil and fresh leaves are good for this purpose. Apple cider vinegar drives away fruit flies.

House cleaning services

If certain housekeeping and cleansing tasks are becoming too difficult for you to handle on a regular basis, try to seek the help of the maid services. A professional house cleaning service can help you to spring clean your house at regular intervals and keep it generally tidy every day. The frequency of using such services would largely depend on your requirements.

Before engaging any agency for this purpose, try to make a thorough assessment of their strengths and capabilities. Check how long they are in the business, their reputation and trustworthiness. Seek opinions from your friends who are already using such kind of services.

Do not fall for cheaper options and sacrifice the quality of the services. For affordability, you can outsource the major tasks such as cleaning the exterior of the house, bathrooms, garden etc and keep the relatively easier chores to yourself. By taking smart decisions like these you will certainly be able to keep your house thoroughly organised in a stress free way.

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