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DIY Lockers

DIY Lockers

This is your guide on DIY lockers. If you would like to make one yourself or are just interested, read on!
This is your guide on DIY lockers. If you would like to make one yourself or are just interested, read on!

Diy lockers

The moment we speak of a locker the image of a steel safe with a complicated locking system appears in front of our mind’s eye. It is true, lockers are built for safekeeping of any valuable item, but it is not that there cannot be any other lockers except for these. We will not only introduce you about various types of lockers, but will also share some priceless diy locker design tips shortly.

Do it yourself locker

We will begin with something known as a mudroom locker. It is a type of storage locker that is placed in the entryway of your residence and, as the name suggests, helps you to maximise the storage capacity of your home. You will need a moderate amount of woodworking skills to build this one. Yes, this one is going to be wooden locker and not a steel one.

You can use plywood to build this one as well. Compared to the natural wood, this would be lighter and easier to mount on the walls. You will have to evaluate the availability of the space and your requirements, Determine the dimensions based on these information. Buy piano hinges, clamps, nails and paint or varnish to give it a charming look.

If you don’t have basic woodworking tools like a drill machine, screwdriver, saws, measuring tapes, paintbrush etc either buy or borrow them from your friends. Try to utilise readymade bi fold doors available in the market. You need to make a simple box made of plywood. Make sure your box is slightly bigger than the door itself. Build shelves of appropriate sizes and install them inside.

You will have to fix the hinges, a quality lock and knobs as well. Once completed, clean everything scrupulously and paint them in colours that would add a cheerful appeal to the entire space. You can follow the same steps to create beautiful wooden lockers in your dressing room, kid’s room and home office.

Some of the other types of locker designs

Do you know you can design beautiful garden lockers all by yourself? These are going to work as an effective storage solution and a twist on traditional garden sheds. Since this will occupy an outdoor space, make sure to choose materials that are capable of withstanding the elements of nature.

You need to survey the ground and decide on the suitable size. Then this portion should be deweeded and cleaned thoroughly. The ground will have to be levelled. You will be able to conveniently skip this step, if you are planning to build this on an existing deck area. While building on the ground, you will have to take due care to keep the area dry all the yearlong, which means you will have to arrange for proper drainage or built it on the stilts.

Buy all items necessary for this project including treated wall panels appropriate for the outdoor conditions, clear plastic roof panels, galvanised nails, paint and tools. Transparent roof will create a chic look suitable for a garden locker. When mounted on the roof they will act like skylight.

Begin by creating frames for the roof and the walls. You may prefer someone to give you a hand in this case. Utilise the rafters to create the ceiling frame. Now install the side walls followed by the roof panels. Heavy duty caulking may help you in this case. Use screws to secure them in place permanently. Install the locks and door knobs before attaching the door to the garden locker. Colour the interior and exterior with oil based waterproof paint.

Create shelving units in the interior to organise everything in a neat and tidy fashion. Keeping them in tune with the surroundings will be wiser. Diy locker designs like these are certainly going to make your home look even more impressive. As you can see this is a great way of decluttering your house as well.

Benefits of having diy lockers

Custom made or diy lockers have many advantages over the regular ones available in the market. You can build a locker like this anytime you like and use your preferences and requirements as your guiding factor. Lockers need to fit perfectly in the space you are thinking of placing them.

Ordering custom built storage lockers can cost you a lot of money. Diy lockers however would be a much affordable way of resolving your storage concerns. Seek smart locker ideas from a number of different sources and see if those could be of any use in your home.

You can use a variety of materials to design your lockers. Those having metalwork and welding skills can build a steel locker for their home as well. It is quite possible that security concerns are preventing you from attempting this at all. To resolve this, you can invest in a premium quality locking system on offer from reputed companies and install them in safes handcrafted by you.

For sure if it is heavy duty locker that you are searching, then this method may not work for you. Have one custom built according to your specifications then, just to have the peace of mind if not for anything else.

Locker decorations

It is not enough to design a fashionable locker. You also need to think about suitable locket decorations to give it a stylish look. The first step in decorating any space involves decluttering it effectively. Without this being completed successfully, you simply cannot expect to move on to the next step.

You have built a locker to increase the storage space of your home. Now why increase the clutter just by storing away unnecessary items? Once you have got rid of your unwanted items, you can start planning for trendy locker accessories that would be useful to give your locker an appealing look. Here too expect to do everything all by yourself. Though this may seem to be hard work for you let us once again remind you that this is meant to be a budget friendly diy project.

You need not rush off with this and lose all your enthusiasm in the process. Take your time, work in small sessions during the weekends or holidays and, when possible, involve your family members in the project.

Before trying to jazz up its interior, think carefully for whom it is primarily meant to be. Keep his or her age, personality and choices in mind. Your beautifully designed lockers need some basic accessories like a tiny rug to spread on its floor and wallpaper or fabric to decorate the walls. Try to upcyle some of your old times which retain their snazzy appearance, but are no longer in use.

A vintage area rug, stole cut to the size of the flooring or tapestry may all work fine for the locker floor. Cover up the walls with left over pieces of wallpaper or fabric used in your last home renovation project. You can refrain from this step entirely if you are decorating a big storage locker. For metal lockers, use magnetic buttons to put up the paper.

Decorate with framed photos, mirrors or simple frames. For big cabinet lockers, use ambient lighting in the interiors. In case it is small in size, stick to tiny chandeliers or pendant lighting created specifically for the cabinet lockers. Kids may love to have colourful buttons, and ribbons tied with the hooks. Use an organiser and several zipped pouches to neatly arrange everything. Periodically spring clean the space and enjoy using it to your heart’s content.

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