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11 beautiful courtyards to copy at home

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Nature is our inspiration and we have a tendency to want it very close to us. Whether we have a small garden the front of the house or in the backyard, our connection to nature is important because it keeps us close to the energy and beauty of plants while also keeping us in tune to the environment around us. Some of us are lucky enough to live in a fairly wooded area where we can get all of these advantages and then some, but for some, this luxury is simply not possible. 

That's why we are inviting you today to discover the advantages of having your very own courtyard at home. If you find sanctuary in the wilderness and want even just a bit of that energy in your home, then take a look at these courtyard ideas and get inspired!

1. Country style

If country is your style, then this is the perfect courtyard for you. We just love this rock garden in the middle of these large, lush planters, and the red brick inlay adds a nice rustic touch and complements the earth tones.

2. Let's go green

Monotony doesn't have to be all bad, and this gorgeously green courtyard proves just that. The green interior only strengthens the differentiating green hues of the vegetation, and that white tile floor makes it all pop out.

3. Asian-inspired and much desired

There is something inherently profound and calming about Asian design, and this Asian style courtyard is no exception. This narrow pond bordered by beautiful marble flooring is the perfect addition to any Asian-inspired space and provides a sophisticated resting spot next to the red wooden bench, which offers a tasteful and colourful contrast to the white walls.

4. Warmth

When you think of courtyards, you don't have to think of sprawling estates with hidden outdoor rooms, encased in perfectly manicured hedges that boast a grand urn water fountain. This Mediterranean-style courtyard adds warmth, colour, and vibrancy to any style home without expensive construction or boisterous appearances.

5. Functional spaces

Courtyards are often chalked up as overly decorated areas that have no actual function–but boy is that incorrect! Take this simplistic courtyard, for example. Outfitted with just a dining table, a few chairs, and bountiful foliage, this space can be used for outdoor entertaining, work, relaxation… you name it!

6. Simplicity

This courtyard glows with minimalist pride in the sea of highly-decorated spaces. Using only the most natural design elements and a few plants and candles as ornamentation, this space allows you to kick back and enjoy the open sky.

7. Draw on tradition

Let's get back to basics with this inner courtyard. The old-fashioned angel fountain in the centre gives this space the classic look, while the bold yellow walls, scattered foliage, and gravel floor contribute to a Mediterranean aesthetic, proving you don't need to stick to one interior design scheme when planning your own courtyard.

8. Let's get wet!

If you're looking for a cool, refreshing retreat, look no further than this ultimate outdoor oasis! Even though this is not what we would normally expect when we think of a courtyard, this space provides all of the same benefits a regular courtyard provides, and we think the palm trees peaking in overhead are a nice relaxing touch.

9. Go bold

Colour plays a key role when trying to create an attractive courtyard atmosphere. If your goal is also to instil a sense of sophistication in your space, it is important to coordinate the colour of the furniture with the other decorative elements, such as the interior walls we see here. Warm colours like this yellow that are not too garish are always a safe choice.

10. Gravel garden

This gravel-filled inner courtyard  is the epitome of high style. The gravel floor has a special charm and is an excellent choice for Mediterranean landscapes or Tuscan style courtyards. The rough texture adds to the casual and informal atmosphere of the courtyard, and it makes the landscape looks more natural.

11. Chill out

Now who wouldn't be able to relax in this courtyard? Picture you with your favourite book accompanied by the soft light coming in through the open roof, gently illuminating the vegetation while the soft trickles of water provide a soothing tune in the background… We certainly can't imagine a better way to spend the afternoon.

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