7 must-have characteristics of a stylish home

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Style is something which suites your personality and makes you feel comfortable. A stylish home is not exactly an assortment of various luxurious features, but only those elements which are useful and capable of making you happy. 

Building a gracefully designed home and living in one, is not a difficult task. But to make it even simpler we have categorised those characteristics considered fundamental to every chic home design. To present an elegantly decorated cheerful home, remember to take care of these things…


By adding subtle variations you can break the monotony in the ambience. Wallpaper with fine motifs, upholstery, curtains or rugs with delicate patterns can also introduce a welcome change. 

Keep it minimal and use this only as an accent, especially if you live in a small home. There is no harm in using bold patterns, but just ensure it is in tune with the overall décor.


Movement induces excitement, stagnancy is death. This is true in architecture and interior design too. Try to suggest movement in the choices of décor. 

Those who occupy a space and those who come to visit should be made to feel the rhythm in the interior design. You can do so by repeating certain patterns. Dividing a room into multiple levels and decorating it in layers can help you to achieve the same.

Add a focal point

You can imagine how bland this space would have been without the bold red accent on the kitchen worktop and wall. Moreover, a choice like this ensures that some of the negative aspects of this narrow and oblong kitchen are conveniently forgotten. With a focal point to immediately engage everyone’s attention, nobody feels tired working in a space like this.

A small piece of furniture like your coffee table in the living room, a large framed painting on the hallway or a beautiful pendant lighting fixture in the dining room can add a focal point in the respective spaces. Don’t forget to brainstorm and add more elements like this in the other areas of your dwelling as well.

Balance and symmetry

Our mind craves for equilibrium in our surroundings and feels reassured by it. To create a harmoniously designed space you will have to establish balance in all aspects of design. You are upsetting balance when you are devoting too much interest in one area of your building at the cost of others. 

The same sense of stability is needed in the selection of interior colours. While there is no harm in selecting asymmetrical pieces, especially if they suggest movement, make sure the overall impact is pleasing to the senses and comfortable for everyone.


A monochromatic space without any variation in texture can quickly leave you feeling bored. By varying the choice of materials, texture and tone, try to bring about contrasts in the interior of your home. If you have installed kitchen cabinets with a metallic sheen, avoid high gloss paints, flooring or worktop. 

When you are planning to go all white, make sure to choose materials that have a distinct variation in texture. Natural wood and stone boast a unique look. Whenever the interior start to feel uninspiring, see if you can jazz it up by introducing bold contrasts.

Use of negative space

Proper handling of the negative space is very important in art and architecture. When done correctly, it can have a great impact on the interior of your home. 

A clever person never clutters the negative space with lots of unwanted objects. If you are living in a small home, try to make optimal use of every available square inch and do not create congestion by choosing items you have no intention of using.


While choosing individual items, we sometimes forget our original aim – creating a beautiful and comfortable home. Individual pieces are only important for an impactful interior atmosphere and no more. You should always be conscious to select pieces that are conducive to the existing style and the décor of your room. 

It is better to focus uniformly in all areas of your house, instead of trying to brighten up a particular room. Choose durable materials over the flashier ones. This is important for the health and well being of your family. 

If you can manage to closely follow these simple rules, you are bound to end up creating a very graceful home for yourself and enjoy living in it with your family.

Planning to move in a new home soon? Make sure that you do not end up making any of these unpardonable mistakes.

How do you strive to maintain a balance in the interior of your home? Tell us in the comments section below!

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