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12 mistakes you make when moving into a new home

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We are always taught to learn from others’ mistakes. Here is a golden opportunity for you to do so, and in case you have already committed the same crime, know that it is never too late to rectify it. Yes, we are talking of interior design mistakes that almost everyone makes when moving into a new home.

Here are twelve of the most frequently committed gaffs. We urge you not to repeat the same—be a trendsetter but in a positive way! Learn the possible pitfalls and avoid them at all cost…

DISCLAIMER: The pictures featured do NOT represent mistakes in the home. These are examples of what to do right!

1. Stop making excuses and compromising

Planning and then actually designing a space take time and efforts. Maintaining a clean, hygienic and gracefully designed home is no easy task. The refreshing look of this urban apartment can only be obtained through meticulous planning and hard work. 

Making silly excuses to put off something imminent is only going to affect the quality of the interior and exterior of the house. Stop procrastinating and start focusing on the essentials. It would certainly have a positive impact on the ambience.

2. Don’t forget that you have more than one room

Trying to accommodate too many things in a single space is another usual mistake that you must avoid. Like any other important task, interior décor needs prioritising. After all the essentials have been covered a few decorative objects can be placed to beautify a room. 

If the living room has only space enough for a single two seater couch and TV cabinet it would be foolish to forcefully crowd it with chairs, side tables and bookcases. Creating a separate tea room or a library to hold all these extra items would be a much better choice.

3. Don’t think too small

It is a common mistake not to think about the entire home and focusing on individual areas instead. All too often it is seen that the entire budget is exhausted in decorating the family room or kitchen, leaving other places completely untended. 

Giving attention to the entire house instead of a select few areas is always a wise decision. This ensures that every space is decorated tastefully and no room is left bare.

4. Don’t think that understated is always better

Though understated décor is generally recommended for modern homes, especially the smaller ones, it is not exactly an assurance of great interior design. Selection of the different items and their relationships can make or break the styling quotient of any home.

When not done correctly, modern dwellings with understated décor may start looking completely lackluster. The overall impression needs to be inviting, irrespective of the stylistic choices, just like the room featured here.

5. Opt for too busy or tacky wall décor

Wallpaper with busy motifs or walls painted in riotous colour scheme is not too conducive for a relaxing interior environment. It is better to limit lively tones to one or two. 

Certain areas, like the bedroom or bathroom, look best when they're not decorated with energetic colours. This tends to hamper the peaceful nature of these spaces. This room, however, strikes the balance exactly right.

6. Don’t overlook the view

Penthouse apartments or houses that are blessed with generous views of the surrounding should use it to their advantage. Though decorated in a simple fashion, the interior of this Japanese apartment looks gorgeous because of its very unusual embellishment – panoramic views of the city. 

When in the need of some privacy, large glass doors are kept covered with curtains. Smart actions like these can easily help to create a stylish home with a minimum amount of effort.

7. Ignore the lack of lighting

A home that lacks sufficient exposure to natural and artificial light would never manage to look chic. Even more importantly, it is detrimental to the health and well being of the inhabitants. A brightly lit space looks both cheerful and more expansive. 

Due to a lack of light even a tastefully decorated room may start appearing sad and inhabitable. By creating more openings for natural light, like windows and skylight installations, and installing sufficient artificial lighting ,this concern can be easily remedied.

8. Don’t see walls as immovable

The interior design of this bedroom proves that walls are anything but immovable objects shrinking a space in size. 

Thanks to the elegant wall décor, lighting fixture and storage units mounted on the walls this room looks like a most graceful space. Its stylish design once again reminds us how essential it is to appropriately treat the walls.

9. Don’t shy away from professional help

Small or big, professionals can maximise the potential of any home. They have the required knowledge and experience for creating a comfortable home in tiniest of spaces. This open plan kitchen cum dining room looks so expansive and glamorous because it has received such expert intervention. Except for stylish furniture the small kitchen is also designed with extensive cabinets. A great boon for a tiny apartment indeed.

10. Step away from the current fads and branded looks

Quite a few first time home buyers consider stuffing the interiors with lots of branded objects is an easy way of designing a chic abode. We also see a tendency for blindly following the current fads. 

La Idea Arquitetura e Design showed how not to fall a prey to any of these and yet create a very trendy living room reflecting the personalities of the owners.

11. Know that simplicity is not akin to boredom

Simplicity is never boring, on the contrary it is something extremely difficult to achieve. As George Sand suggested, “Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius.” 

If you need to have any more proof, see the simple selection of comfortable furniture and decorative elements in this charming Düsseldorf apartment.

12. Don’t try to do too much too soon

While planning and decorating their homes a lot of people hurry a lot. So it is not at all difficult to understand why they tend to commit so many mistakes. Once the essentials have been covered, there is always time enough to build on that. When it comes to stylishly designing a new home, it is the slow and steady approach that always wins.

We have noted a dozen of the most common repeated mistakes and also illustrated some of the consequences of doing so in glaring terms. If you are keen to design a fashionable dwelling for yourself, make sure not to commit any of these blunders.

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Have you ever fallen prey to any of these mistakes? How did you get around it?
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