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Bold And Cosy: Home Staging An Italian Villa

Lindsay Whitney Lindsay Whitney
Boite Maison Living room
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Everyone who has tried knows that selling a house—especially since the 2008 financial crisis—is difficult and, often, very personal. Having buyer after buyer come by to say 'no, I don't want' can be hurtful when the place we have lived in and put our own personal touches on is being criticised. This is a major reason for why home stagers are necessary: buyers want to imagine what the new home could be and we, as the sellers, are simply still with what the home was to us. 

Boite Maison are home stagers based out of Italy, who do an excellent job of merging the old with up-to-date accents that make your house look appealing, while showing off the innate wonderfulness that you love yourself. So today's home tour is of one such home staged by Boite Maison, which is part of their Piccolo Portfolio—and it is fabulous! Let's take a look…

Furniture, arranged

In this main living area, the stagers have done an excellent job at arranging the furniture. The armchairs, covered in off-white slip cover, have been arranged in a circle around the glass centre coffee table, for a really sociable feeling. 

Colour comes out in the throw pillows and the large, bold canvas painting of the ancient Roman coliseum. 

Grand casual dining

The owners of this house love plants, and wisely put them in every room with enough sunlight to harbour them. 

Here in the dining room are three thriving plants, which really set the atmosphere along with the abstract white slip glass chandelier set above the modern-retro dining table and chairs.

The salon

The barber shop! Set below the rest of the house, the owners local salon business is included in the price of the house. 

Here, the salon chairs have been updated to a chic modern electric blue, while black and white animal prints abound on the floors, rugs and accent wall. A spiky flower chandelier contrasts nicely with the simplicity of the thin black reception desk. 


This is the second living room of the house. It has the most window lighting, so many green plants. The stagers have kept the sofa simple and casual, adding pizzazz using throw pillows, a jagged standing lamp and a bright, cerulean blue accent wall with a landscape painting. 

Lastly, an old hardwood office desk has been re-envisioned as a supplementary dining table, which polarises exceptionally with fancy clear table chairs. 

'We are in the kitchen'

This kitchen has been staged to include a small denim sofa that compliments the long wooden dining table and accentuates this kitchen's social grace--it is the place you want to sit for hours chit chatting with family or friends. It is light, homey, organic and clean, and the stagers have really highlighted this fact.

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What is your favourite thing about this villa? Let us know in the comment section!
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