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Kitchen wall ideas for every home!

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We all want our kitchens to be as nice as possible; if your kitchen is right, cooking, eating and socialising will also be right. However, kitchen walls are some of the trickiest in the home to decorate, because they often have more complex angles or are wonky sizes, due to cabinetry and kitchen appliances. 

For this reason, homify has created a list of 10 ideas for covering or enhancing kitchen all types of kitchen walls, from the ultra large and empty kitchen wall to a smaller wall you have been meaning to turn into something for a while. Let's start with the most functional use of wall space in a kitchen: shelves and hooks.

1. Kitchen with shelves and hooks

Using shelves and installing hooks as part of your cabinetry is one of the simplest way to make the best out of your kitchen.

2. Kitchen with cubby shelves

For really ambitious folks, you can carve out your own kitchen wall shelving—it is easier than it looks. Just make sure you don't go too deep and hit any electrical wiring or plumbing that might be in the wall. 

Once you've carved them out, line the insides with your favourite material: wood is our favourite.

3. Kitchen with curtains

That's right: curtains are not just for windows; they are a great way to hide an ugly wall or to just add some textured glamour to a space. 

If you do use a curtain, get a thick, quality one with some texture. You can nail it directly into your kitchen wall or hang it from a proper curtain rod and make it seem like there's a window behind it. 

4. Kitchen with chalk board

Eco Chalk Board ashortwalk Garden Accessories & decoration

Eco Chalk Board


Hang up a recipe chalkboard! This is a great and well-known option for all rooms in the house, but in the kitchen, it is both a cute way to up-do a blank kitchen wall and a way to stay organised. 

Use the kitchen chalkboard for writing down recipes, grocery lists or notes to family. The dark charcoal colour of a chalkboard fits well with especially lighter coloured kitchens.

5. Headboard

Don't have enough time, money or energy for a full wall redo? Cheat a bit and buy a fancy big headboard as pictured here and pop it onto the wall of your choice!

6. Wall tattoo

Wall and floor tattoos have become very trendy ways to spice up a space. Here we have a more elaborate floor and wall tattoo of grass, but several sorts of designs are available. 

7. Hanging lamp

Hang a cool lamp. While a wall lamp might seem like the obvious choice, hanging an original ceiling lamp in front of your wall space does a lot to highlight the wall. 

Just make sure the wall has a good paint job, preferably in a solid colour that matches the lamp!

8. Fabric wall hangings

Fabric wall hangings are another big thing lately, and rightly so. Cloth hangings warm up a space's atmosphere much quicker than a picture and can add delightful splashes of colour to your kitchen walls. Hang one above the stove or a few on the dining room wall!

9. Magic magnetised walls

Who knew your pots and pans were so artistic? Well, when you post up a super magnetised board on your wall and arrange all the the skillets just so, you get a pretty cool—and practical—look. If you are interested in other magnetised wall boards, click here.

10. Wine rack

Instead of going for a usual wine rack, try a funkier design that adds texture to your kitchen while remaining functional. A good, hip wine rack is great because it fits any space—big and tall or wee and small.

For more ideas about what to do with walls, check out our feature for how to hide ugly walls.

Have any other great tips for kitchen walls? Share them in our comment section!
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