15 secrets of a perfectly well maintained home

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We're going to tell you a sad story.

There once was a woman called Iris. After a week’s visit to her friend’s place, Iris returned home last Monday. On other occasions, she comes back in a great mood and with a bagful of stories. This time, however, she was not too pleased with this short trip, even though the two friends were meeting for the first time in months. It is for the first time Aina, her childhood friend, kept something from her. Although Iris asked and asked, Aina would not divulge the secrets of how she kept maintaining her home to perfection. Naturally, Iris was feeling slightly vexed.

Have you experienced a similar situation? If so, never fear, for we are going to spill the beans here today and share the secrets of a perfectly well maintained home…

1. A clean and simple façade perfect for the first impression

The pretty picture of this Japanese house shows how important it is to go for a clean and uncluttered façade design. 

Though very simple in style, it is capable of drawing everyone’s attention. Its colour and texture is also responsible for giving the entire house a pleasing appearance.

2. Combine your kitchen and dining room to create a social hub

Combining a kitchen and dining room serves a greater purpose than saving or gaining on space. The owners of this gracefully designed abode combined the two and created a social hub of a sort where they can easily mingle with their guests. 

The entire space is decorated with chic furniture. Bertjan Pot lighting fixtures deck up the dining space. Isn’t this a great recipe for designing a luxurious dining parlour?

3. Leave no space underused

The owners of this townhouse show how not to leave any space underused, even if it a small patio or a tiny balcony. They have decorated a beautiful outdoor dining area on the small terrace of their urban abode. 

Here the family can gather at their leisure and enjoy a hearty meal or simply savour the views of the surroundings.

4. Stick to a tranquil colour scheme

A tranquil colour scheme creates a feeling of comfort and exudes a charm that is suitable for every season. A bedroom decorated in such a peaceful way feels very relaxing. 

A soothing colour scheme can give a feeling of spring time in the heat of summer months.

5. Don’t hide the structural peculiarities of your home

The interior architect of this Barcelona apartment used its structural peculiarities to embellish the interior of the open plan living room. 

Neither the beautiful brick wall nor the wavy design of the ceiling has been concealed behind a concrete façade. The result is a very elegant open space full of brilliant architectural features and décor.

6. Create a cosy corner to get away from it all

This tiny library-cum-hobby room gives the perfect opportunity to get away from the humdrum of the daily life and find some peace. 

It is functional, painted in peaceful shades of ocean blue, and is just perfect for a daily dose of silent contemplation.

7. Add life to the interior atmosphere with fresh flowers and potted plants

Flowers and potted plants are necessary for a refreshing and fragrant interior environment. No home needs further adornment in the presence of blooming flowers like these. They keep the interior environment clean and some plant species help to reduce the moisture level as well. Do you need any further reasons to have them in your home?

8. Play with the ceiling décor

The owners of this Dutch home did not commit a common mistake, that is, giving precedence to the walls and leaving the ceiling bare. In fact, they have spiced up this living room just by making one change – painting the ceiling a luscious red tone. See? Designing a spectacular living room is not as difficult as you might think…

9. Be experimental, mix contemporary design with vintage furniture

The interior of this secluded mountain cottage shows us how to mix contemporary design with vintage furniture. Instead of throwing away precious heirloom assets like a large classical wardrobe and dresser, the occupants have included them in their dining room décor. This bold decision has given this space a unique look getting which would have been impossible otherwise.

10. Decorate the kid’s room with bright colours

The funky colour scheme of this spacious kid’s room is the primary reason for its cheerful look. It is designed with bright hues like solid blue, green and red. The décor is appealing enough to keep the kids engaged for hours. Does your child’s room boast a similarly passionate colour scheme?

11. Make the most of your small garden

The décor of this small Mediterranean backyard is a fine example of getting the most out of a garden space It is simply designed with a rustic dining set suitable for the outdoors and numerous potted plants. The stone flooring and walls are its added embellishments.

12. Keep your bookshelves arranged

The owners of this small residence have a great collection of books. The small study was not enough to hold them all, so they have added bookshelves in the corridors as well. But see how well they have kept these shelves organised? You would never see cluttered bookshelves or cabinets in a well kept home!

13. Maintain the hygiene of every corner of your home

Even though this bathroom is small in size with an awkwardly sloping roof, the design feels striking. The walls and flooring, covered with tiles, not only give this space a stylish look, but also helps to maintain its hygiene. The homeowner knows the perils of ignoring the hygiene of the interiors—it's a lesson everyone needs to learn.

14. Don’t be tempted to block the windows

While decorating a small home, it is a common mistake to block the windows with furniture. The owners of this Palma apartment prove themselves to be a welcome exception. They have not only kept the views uninhibited, but also designed a cosy chat zone in front of the windows. Under the effects of the sunshine, this small room looks brighter and more cheery.

15. Don’t leave those hidden corners untended

A lot of people spend time to tastefully design the living room, but not as many spend equal amount of effort to decorate the hallways or an understair. Both the entrance hall and understair décor of this abode show us how to decorate these spaces gracefully without being ostentatious. 

Small rock beds with indoor plants give this home a most stylish makeover. Now that the secrets of a well managed home are out, you are free to design your residence to perfection!

Planning to build a new house for yourself and your family? Make sure not to commit any of these blunders before moving into your new home.

Which of these pointers are you already using in your home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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