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5 amazing tips to make your house guests comfortable

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House guests should be a joy, an exciting event filled with great social moments that remains a peaceful coexistence between you and your guests, in your home

However, plenty of us are aware that this is easier said than done, that people are complicated to coexist with and that having over house guests requires a lot more that just playing nice and polite: Your home has to be ready and fit for people to live and relax in, just like they would at their own homes; at least, this is our goal with our guests. 

That's why we have put together a quick checklist of five things to do to prepare for a house guest, starting with the sleeping accomodation. You'll be the host with the most in no time at all!

1. Getting accommodation right

Make up the bed or sofa with fresh sheets, leaving extra pillows and blankets out for your guest on top of the bed or on a chair. Also, leave some bottled water or refreshments of some kind on the bedside nightstand. 

Lastly, make room in the closet or clear a drawer for them to put their clothes in and give them a shelf to put their suitcase or bags.

2. Bathing

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Leave plenty of toiletries like shampoo, face wash and body soap out for them to use in the bathroom. Also, provide at least two extra towels for them—wash cloth and shower towel—and, to really pamper them, leave an extra bathrobe. 

If you have appliances in your bathroom that are not super straightforward to use—e.g., a tricky shower head - then do take a few seconds to either leave a note with instructions or give a tutorial so that your guest does not get in a jam as soon as they are ready to bathe or shower!

3. Food

Make up a few snacks to lay out on the kitchen table, covered of course, or leave them in the fridge. 

This is really important because it makes people feel the most at home, since eating habits are quite intimate and eating on other people's time can be a real discomfort. So instead of asking if they need extra food, DO assume they do!

4. Activities

Most of the time, having a house guest does not mean you must spend every moment of your time together. Everybody enjoys a little private time and, especially if your guest is from out of town, they might want to see places you do not. 

For this reason, we suggest making up a list of places to go in the neighbourhood or city, from bars to fast food to fine dining, to amusement parks and tourist attractions.

5. Access to the house

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The last key element to get right when you have a house guest is ensuring they have access to your home so that they do not feel dependent—nothing makes a person feel more uncomfortable than not being able to get to home and leave it when they want! We suggest getting a spare key made for longer house guests, or working out another system so that they have access to the house when you are not around. 

There are of course several other great tips we are sure exist for making house guests feel at home, but this is all we have for today! For more home hacks, check out how to create an amazing home relaxation zone!

What do you always do when house guests come to stay?
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