13 small gardens that are easy to recreate at home

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Small and tiny homes have come to prominence over the last few years—but have you considered tiny gardens? With a lack of exterior space and strict budgets, small gardens are a great way to add both colour and live vegetation to your home and your family's stomach! Below we have several small gardens for inspiration—and best of all, they're quite easy to copy!

Triple combination

White stones, charcoal and a perfect mixture of brown mulch are combined to add both colour and texture to this wonderful tiny garden.  With stone and mulch combinations it's always best to stick with more tropical options that don't need much watering and daily maintenance.

Wildflowers and pathways

Some gardens only contain a walkway or pathway, and that's okay! Not only do the stone and grass features distinguish the walkway, but the lining made of wildflowers also separates the pathway from the rest of the garden offering lots of green and a great partition of space!

Herbs only

Want to keep it simple? Grab some old, reclaimed wood or wooden food containers from local farmer's markets and use them for herb planting. Just make sure to add some lining so proper irrigation can occur. 

Modern and Asian

Sleek, minimalist and clean, modern and especially Asian gardens can bring a serene and zen feeling to any home.  Usually composed of wood, stark white rocks and lots of deep greens, Asian gardens are low-maintenance and a great design feature. 

Use corner space

Pesky corner space is best to be used with  both planting and storage. These bamboo-constructed corner planters are a perfect way too both utilise corner space and add some more greenery to the exterior of your home.

Looking for a low-maintenance, tropical-style garden? Look no further!

Patio planters

Larger patio planters are great for both vegetable gardens, flowers, and succulents. Depending on the look and amount of colour you're looking for, or the amount of maintenance you're willing to put in, patio planters can be a great use of space.  During the winter months they can double-up as extra seating too!

Raw materials

RHS Cardiff 2015 Best4hedging Modern style gardens

RHS Cardiff 2015


Concrete, wood, a rooftop garden and luscious greenery below—what could possibles be better than this modern amalgamation of raw materials and organic vegetation?


For a more traditional small garden, you should include a grassy area, a few smaller-sized trees and brick or stone walkways to create a space that is versatile and accessible for everyone. 

Perfect outdoor living

This backyard garden/patio has everything you could possible want.  Vertical gardening, a water feature, storage compartments, grass and great seating arrangements. Check out how all of these items seamlessly fit into this smaller-sized patio!

Pots only!

Want to keep it simple and minimal? Combine potted plants and a vertical gardening technique! An abundance of wood finishes this look off to perfection.

Look up!

So many people often forget about looking up for more inspiration (and space!)  Vinery is great for ceiling or rooftop covering as it can cover large spaces in the course of a few months and will return year after year.  For a smaller-scale planting session, use hanging plants!

Be organised

​London Kitchen Garden - Small Garden Design by LS+L homify Rustic style gardens Wood Multicolored

​London Kitchen Garden—Small Garden Design by LS+L


Small has never had any bearing on how functional a product or area is, and this example proves just that. Wooden crates in various sizes can be a great way to organise and categorise herbs, plants and vegetables! Top it off with a simple stone walkway and you have a wonderful small garden to walk through.

A small bang

Depending on how small the space is that you have, adding elements strategically can be your best bet for a small, designer garden.  Between concrete trim, wooden planks and an outdoor bathroom made of wood and glass—could you possible ask for anything more than this?

We tend to think that small gardens are the best gardens because as both a homeowner/renter and designer you're forced to get creative. Have fun with your garden and use it to provide for both you and your family!

Want more? Check out these amazing gardening tips!

Do you have a small garden area? What are some design features you use? Leave us a comment below!

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