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From dull to divine: The makeover of a boring home

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Light&Salt Design Living room
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The renovation of this 109 square metre apartment in South Korea was lead by the team at Light & Salt Design. The apartment was in a dire state prior to the transformation. The drab, dated aesthetic made the space feel even smaller than it really was—which is far from ideal in the confines of a small apartment.

Natural light seemed elusive, while clutter was ample. Thanks to a superb makeover—this was no more! Brighter and far more cheerful—the minimal interior brings the home in into the present with a simple design. No longer stuck in a dated past—and not the cool, retro kind—the home has a completely new lease of life. Let's take a look!


See what we mean?! That glass topped, floral table cloth says it all. The home is stuck in a very very distant past. But not for long…

After… the entry

We'll start with the entrance. It sure is hard to believe we're looking at any part of the same home—but we are! The stack bond concrete block wall is met with a new glossy surface which is highly reflective. The door joinery is elegant and contemporary. 

And, as we peer inside, it, too, looks remarkably bright, crisp and sophisticated. It's a far cry from it's previous state.

The living room

The interior is simple: a white and timber canvas is coloured with some bright accents. And, that's about it! Storage is thoughtfully considered and inbuilt, but the rest remains unfurnished and awaiting the owners selection. 

Kitchen and dining

Again, we see the timber floor. The dining area also features a textured wall surface; a side-step from the white walls of the living room. Storage is, once again, designed and thoughtful. 

The kitchen is perfectly connected, yet it also feels somewhat distinct. The design is simple, the materials are simple. Simple is the operative word.

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The bathroom

The bathroom makes up for what it lacks in natural light with carefully design artificial lighting. The atmosphere is somewhat moody. 

Lighter grey tiles have an almost concrete-like look and are complimented by darker charcoal ones. The mirrors help to make the small space appear slightly larger than it is. All-in-all, it's a job well-done. 

The bedroom

Before we close the book on this apartment transformation, we'll take a look at one, final space: the bedroom. The same attention to detail and consideration is given to the storage in this space, as in in the other space of the home. The glossy white surface of the unit also reflects the light that enters through the window, further bouncing light around the space.

We hope you enjoyed this miraculous makeover. Next, check out: a small box home that is both humble and lovely.

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