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A big white box home

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Residência A & F Lyssandro Silveira Minimalist house White
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This whopping 550 square metre Brazilian home is the epitome of opulent residential architecture. Brazil is known for it's bold and flashy design, and this home is no exception.

A sleek white interior infused with splashes of tropical colours and the most luxurious materials is found behind grand and imposing facade.

Designed by architect Marina Brasil and photographed by Lyssandro Silveira, the home is pretty out there—maybe a bit too much for some tastes! Let's step inside and you can decide that for yourself…

The exterior

From the very first impression this home will make, it is impressive. The bright, white facade is striking. Clean lines, solid volumes, and carefully selected materials: everything is as rational as it is decadent. 

The chocolate browns of the timber and other claddings offset the white and highlight the varying depth of the facade. Everything has been thoughtfully composed; from the facade to the front lawn, not a stone is out of place. 

The interior

The inside follows suit, however, it abandons a more minimal aesthetic as seen on the exterior in favour of elaborate decoration. 

Wallpaper, plush materials, a central chandelier, and of course, those vibrant tropical colours—it's quite a feast for the eyes. 

Living and dining

Moving into the open plan social heart of the home, we are graced with not one, but two, chandeliers! Beneath the grand light fixtures, an almost regal dining arrangement awaits its guests. The lounge area is equally appointed and offers ample views outside.

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A close-up

A close up on the furniture shows just how carefully selected and arranged each and every piece in the home is. From the decorative elements on the coffee table to the cusions on the couch—there isn't a thing out of place.

Stellar stair

Last, but certainly not least, let's take a quick look at the grand staircase. Occupying a lofty double-height volume, it asserts itself as a striking art piece in the home. The wide stairwell is rendered in marble with glass and steel balustrades hemming it in at each side. Oh and, of course, there's a dramatic chandelier that swoops into the space, too! Truly stunning.

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