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7 bathrooms that are perfect for small Malaysian homes

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A small home can be just as exquisitely designed as a large one—perhaps even more so. Positive or negative, size has no effect on style. If you are feeling hemmed in by the interior of a tiny dwelling, listen to what Leonardo da Vinci has to say on the matter, “Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it.”

When the plot size is small or the apartment you are about to buy is a tiny one you need to experiment a bit with the layout and interior design. Bathroom and kitchen are two areas that require special attention. Malaysian city homes nowadays tend to have bathrooms of 6 to 8 square metres. Today’s examples will show you that designing a chic bathroom is quite possible in such a small space or even less…

Cool and minimal

The interior of this bathroom looks spectacular in spite of its size. It boasts no special embellishment. So what is the secret of its stylish look? 

The answer is quite easy – a smart selection of quality materials that are the most essential for a bathroom of this size. It has not been congested with bulky cabinets, the washbasin is slim and shelves are mounted on the wall, and an all white interior and bright lights are its big assets.

Bright and dramatic

This is another small bathroom with a jaw dropping interior. Its dark grey space shines under the influence of ambient lighting. The decorative floor tiles are mostly responsible for its stunning look. 

A ladder in a contrasting tone acts as a shelving unit, while sleek decorative elements and a washbasin further style the interior.

Cosy and comfy

Despite its extremely narrow space, the interior of this small bathroom looks cheery. It is designed with barely-there minimal items, but is functional and comfortable enough. 

Snow white walls are matched with bathroom accessories in a similar hue and texture. A frameless mirror that is positioned above the small basin, and modern shelves take care of the storage concerns.

Bathroom with a golden shimmer

The owners of House Mauthe thought of experimenting with the colour scheme of their small bathroom and the result is completely mind blowing. 

The golden shimmer is very unusual for a bathroom. It is somewhat toned down with the prim white sanitary fittings and wash basin. Transparent shelves mounted on the wall increase the storage capacity of this tiny space without causing any clutter.

Dark enigma

Now we show you another small bathroom steeped in a shade of very dark grey. The cabinet with its laminated surface adds a bit of variation. 

Though coloured nearly in monochrome, the space looks distinctive due to an intelligent use of materials with varied textures. Large glass windows keep the interior bright, and the mirror is built with a hidden medicine cabinet.

Power of rustic design

The interior of this tiny bathroom exudes a rustic charm. It is designed with wood flooring and the countertop is also made of natural wood. 

The shower area, separated by glass panels, is nearly exclusively clad in tiles. A smart storage solution stacked on the wall is one of its major features.

Glamorous bathroom design

If so far you were of the opinion that glamorous design is not possible in a small space, then it is time to correct yourself. The trendy interior of this bathroom, covered completely in tiles with a unique texture and dark hue, is enough to earn critical recommendation. Large mirrors, asymmetric bathroom accessories and potted plants make this interior look stylish and refreshing.

Now that you have such beautiful instances in front you, there is no reason for grumbling about your small bathroom anymore. Get in the game and gift your home a cool bathroom space!

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How do you like these small bathroom ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!
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