Wooden House: A simple home of sophistication

Leigh Leigh
Modernes Ferienhaus an der Ostsee, Möhring Architekten Möhring Architekten Modern windows & doors
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This Berlin home, designed by architecture professionalsMÖHRING, is an example of beautiful, Scandinavian architecture and design.

Categorized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, this style is cutting-edge, modern and breathtaking. 

As Henry Wadsworth Longellow said, In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.

Let's see how this home is a perfect example of supreme excellence. Come on in…

The barn shape

If we look at the home from the outside, we can see that it takes on a traditional gable roof design, almost looking like a barn on the horizon. The facade is made up of a simple, minimalist wood that is textured, adding character to the home from the get go.

The upper floor is solid wood, while the bottom floor features large glass windows and doors, allowing the social area of the space to spill out onto the exterior. The solid wood on the upper level means that the more private space, such as the bedrooms and the bathrooms, are more secluded.

We can see that the garden, including the lawn and the manicured trees, enhances the entire look and feel of the home. There is not too much detail. Simple trees and grass create this very sophisticated beauty!

The natural light

If we look around the side of the house, we can see how narrow glass windows run along the one side of the facade, filling the interior with an abundance of natural light. Yet this doesn't compromise on the privacy of the upper level.

Natural light is very important for a modern home. It not only warms up a home, cutting your electricity costs, but it creates a spacious and light home that is healthier for the whole family. You can also opt for skylights to achieve the same thing in your own home!

Have a look these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

The open living space

If we go inside this home, we can see how a Scandinavian style resonates throughout this open plan home. The designers have chosen light wooden floors and crisp white walls. This creates a home that is warm and inviting, without being too overwhelming. 

You'll notice that there are no unnecessary items in this home. Only the most functional furniture and decor pieces are included. Do you see what a light and airy space this creates?

If we peek into the living room, we can see how gorgeous the living room lighting is! Three sophisticated lamps hang over the dining room table, creating a functional form of light while diners are enjoying their meal in the evening, as well as a soft glow for ambiance. This is a great example of how functional items can double as decor pieces.

The open plan kitchen

The dining room opens up onto the kitchen—a characteristic of a modern home. This creates a far more active space, where diners can engage with the chef while he or she is cooking.

A kitchen island subtly separates the kitchen from the dining room, however. This is a great design tool, but also doubles up as a functional kitchen item! It provides an extra surface for food preparation as well as an extra storage space for cutlery, crockery and glassware. Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure for inspiration for your own home!

You'll notice that on the right hand side, the entire wall is made from glass, allowing sunlight to stream into this space. This completely enhances this entire design.

The living room

The living room is incredibly chic and sophisticated. The designers have introduced grey tones into this space in the form of a stylish sofa and a concrete fireplace. 

A fireplace is another example of a sophisticated functional element, which also doubles up as a design feature. Look how much it enhances the living room!

You'll also notice that apart fro the large sofa, which extends around the perimeter of the room, there is not too much else in this space. This is because less is more! Remember that simple is the most effective when it comes to design, especially if you want to go for a Scandinavian or minimalist look and feel.

The chic bathroom

If we head into the bathroom, we come across a very light and elegant space with tiled floors, a modern sink and a large mirror. 

A mirror in the kitchen is a great design feature as it visually expands the entire space, making it seem that much larger. It's also functional, allowing you to apply your make-up and brush your teeth. 

Another great tip when it comes to a bathroom is to include a mirror cabinet, where you can store your personal items neatly away behind the mirror. This maintains the chic, clean and minimalist look and feel throughout this space.

Tip: If you like a touch of subtle decor here and there, opt for a vase of flowers or a pot plant.

The terrace

If we have one last look at at this home, we can see how the designers have made the most of this exterior space, creating a gorgeous little terrace.

If you have the space outside, a terrace is always a good idea! It allows you to entertain, enjoy meals or read your book outside in the sunshine. 

You'll see that the designers haven't crowded this space with too much furniture. They've opted for simple, durable furniture that is functional and stylish.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

If you like this home, you'll love this home to settle down in!

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