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Architrek Modern style bedroom
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Welcome to Casa R—a cheerful apartment in Milan that has been given a fresh upgrade by the Architrek Architects and Designers. It is one to see, especially for those who are looking for inspiration about how to remodel their own smaller sized home or flat. 

Aside from being clean, airy and open, it has had some special interior design features built in to make it ultra chic in a 1970s modish way. So if you are a fan of vintage home design, keep reading!

The living room

What immediately stands out in this living room is the circle mirror art piece that both opens up the room and gives it a 1970s avant-garde kick. Additionally, new parquet floors have been put in—a rich cherry wood that makes the light red sofa pop and contrasts nicely with the deep rosewood doors throughout the apartment.

Kitchen update

Everything in this kitchen has been updated or cleaned, from the stove to the dishwasher to the silver sink—all of the fixtures reflect the classic aesthetic of the the entire apartment's design. The large window at the sink brings in plenty of daylight and the muted wood cabinets make sure storage and cleaning are easy as can be.

Double outlook

To open up the apartment, the wall separating the kitchen and living room has been knocked out and a simple, thin wooden shelf has been left in its place. This gives both rooms an outlook into the other, so folks can eat and lounge without being cut off from one another. For understated decorous touches, a tasteful sign says 'kitchen' in Italian on the wall and a few vases dot the shelves.


What stands out about how this main bedroom has been done is the bedding and bed stands, both of which are timelessly elegant: white wrought iron tipped with light gold and one of the sturdiest possible so far as bed frames go. The bed linens are of velour charcoal and white, matching the all white built in wardrobe that goes along the corner length of the room's other half. 

Simple decor

Again, the decor used looks effortless—just a sheen white window curtain, a large mirror and an artistic wall piece of wheel cogs that match the bedding--so that the quality of the sable wood floors really comes through. 

At night, this bedroom is kept romantic and cosy with a stand-alone lantern in the corner and a plush, white, circle shag rug to rub your feet into just before climbing into bed. So sleeping comes easy and living is comfy-chic in this whole Milano apartment!

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