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8 clever and original kitchens for modern Malaysians

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For many of us, the kitchen is the main hub of the home. We eat there, chat there, bake there. We hang out with friends over a nice cup of coffee there and catch up. It has to be friendly, comfortable and functional, but also eye-catching and a bit different to everyone else's. So, naturally, anything to make the kitchen beautiful and unique is welcome!

Here's a list of some imaginative and smart kitchens to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Shiny and new

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Kitchen
Design Spirits

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

This kitchen is enormous! The surfaces are smooth and white with give it a modern feel, but then there's the communal dining area in the middle of the room. It is scattered with homely accessories such as house plants, a warm light, beams above, cereal and more. This added colour warms the kitchen and its grand, white surfaces of functionality, turning it into a real family room.

We love how the functional half of the kitchen is all in one area, complete with plenty of storage for groceries, utensils and crockery. The high ceiling means that there's more storage than usual, so the room is always tidy! 

2. Muted and beautiful

Our favourite part of this kitchen is the beautiful tiling. It is made up of numerous hexagonal tiles in different shades of blue that seem almost randomly mixed up in a mosaic style; it creates a beautiful effect! 

The surfaces are all a muted, neutral shade of grey and keeps in tone with the tiles and the other furniture in the room. There's plenty of storage space and even a cute breakfast bar to sit at to eat or chat. This stunning, eye-catching kitchen is one of our favourites so far!

Smart and modern

This clever kitchen hides all of the mess that inevitably happens in a busy city home. The surfaces make use of wood and it fits in perfectly with the squeaky-clean black hob and the reflective wall guard. There's no clutter and the kitchen accessories are kept to a minimum.

Despite the home being in a city apartment, the kitchen itself is considerably large, so there's plenty of space to use and plenty of light coming in through the windows on each side of the hob. It has a very modern and industrial atmosphere which makes it look like the ultimate functional kitchen.

Cosy kitchen

If you're looking for a kitchen in which to cook and chill, look no further. The kitchen area is full of storage and its essential facilities are compacted in one area of the room to make way for the ultimate chill time sofa!

You can chat over a hot drink on the comfy modern sofa right in your own kitchen and make it the perfect communal space in the home. It boasts a lovely chilled-out atmosphere thanks to the muted colours and spacious interior, with a vase bursting with beautiful roses, too. This is truly the ultimate relaxing kitchen for those of us who love to chill out.

Bright and beautiful

Feast your eyes on this stunning kitchen! The interiors are made from a light-coloured natural wood that brightens up the room and reflects the natural light glowing through the windows—very Scandinavian-esque.

The kitchen itself is small and compact but has everything you look for in a functional kitchen: large fridge, plenty of storage area, sizeable worktop and a modern dining table to fit six. It keeps everything to a minimum which leaves lots of room for sunlight.

If you like like Scandinavian style of kitchen, look here for more inspiration!


The designers of this super interesting kitchen, the architects of Pedro Quintela Studio, really knocked it out of the park!

As well as being full of light, the natural colours of the beams bring a little more life and calm into the home. The clever carpentry is curved to hug the curved walls and runs along the whole perimeter of the room, making the most of the space and maximising work space in what could be quite a small kitchen. There's an abundance of surface space and, underneath, storage space to boot.

Stunning and airy

While colourful and original, this design is also kept simple and modern. The colour scheme is kept to a happy and lively yellow, blue, white and the natural colour of the wood used in the furniture which adds a rustic element to the room.

We love how the storage space is integrated with the worktops and even with the sofa! It's used as space for crockery, books and it even houses the oven! The dining table is made fromm the same wood as the shelves and so fits in perfectly with the rustic aesthetic of the room. The kitchen isn't closed-off from the living area and instead is a beautiful open-plan room which shares the incredibly cool beanbag chairs and the sunlight.

The combination of the patterned tiling and the yellow, retro fridge livens up the otherwise minimal kitchen and ties the whole home together in a beautiful, spacious and imaginative package.

Contemporary and stylish

This kitchen is designed for a big and bustling household; it sports two ovens, a large hob, an enormous worktop island, two fridge-freezers and copious amounts of storage space (especially for the wine… ). We love how clever it is when it comes to using every inch of left-over space for storage. Even the tiniest of spaces are used, such as the narrow space above the microwave which is used to display tea cups!

There is a very professional air about the room which comes from the colours—the deep brown of the cupboards, the sleek chrome of the appliances and the spotless shine of the white worktops. A very stylish example of a functional family kitchen!

Do you have a slightly smaller kitchen? Then check out these top 10 cosy kitchens!

Which kitchen did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!
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