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10 of the sleekest sliding doors for Malaysian homes

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So you’ve moved into a fabulous new home, but there’s a problem: it's uncompromisingly compact and small. Living in a minute dwelling can often present many domestic challenges, not least the fact that it can be difficult finding a place for your entire household miscellany. However, just because you reside in a miniscule abode, doesn’t mean you can’t live big!

Often some of the biggest issues with a small home are the internal doors. Unbeknownst to many, doors actually take up a fair amount of the indoor space when opening and closing. The solution? Sliding doors. Sliding doors offer space saving benefits, while also imparting a contemporary aesthetic and ambience. To provide you with some inspirational sliding door ideas, as well as a few gorgeously designed home interiors, we’ve collated 10 neat examples below. Read on to learn more!

1. Moveable walls

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London. Bravo London Ltd Modern walls & floors Glass Green
Bravo London Ltd

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London.

Bravo London Ltd

First up, this contemporary dwelling is sure to impress with its sliding doors, which function more like space-saving, alterable walls. Hide away whole areas at once and make your space truly multipurpose.

2. A beautiful balcony

Next up we are taking a peek within a gorgeous 6.5m-wide dwelling. Here the compact size of the home is dealt with using sliding doors to the neat exterior balcony. These can be opened up completely, bringing the outdoors 'indoors'.

3. Contemporary clothes storage

Segmenta wardrobe - Pictured here in natural / Silver mirror and frosted mirror Lamco Design LTD BedroomWardrobes & closets
Lamco Design LTD

Segmenta wardrobe—Pictured here in natural / Silver mirror and frosted mirror

Lamco Design LTD

The humble sliding door bedroom wardrobe has been given a contemporary makeover with these sliding doors that feature mirrored sections as well as frosted feature panels.

4. Transparent walls and doors

Within this small and minute abode, we are able to see how transparent sliding doors create a segregated kitchen area, ensuring the area can be closed off when cooking, but open when socialising.

If you are thinking of altering your abode, remember to get some expert advice before undertaking anything drastic!

5. Terrific timber

This timber-clad space employs a sliding door to ensure no area of the built-in joinery is compromised by the large area a hinged door may require.

6. Gorgeous glass

One of our personal favourites, this home has employed sliding glass doors with standout black frames that bring a little chic style within the home.

7. Open-plan style and sophistication

Interiors don't get much more ingenious than this impressive design that features two sliding doors, which once again function as walls. These are able to separate the living/working space with the larger family zone, ensuring peace and quiet for those undertaking homework or study.

8. Getting creative

Why not get a little creative with your sliding door design? This example comes replete with a chalkboard finish, meaning you can leave yourself reminders and ideas, or that special someone a neat note before you leave for the day.

9. Curtain separators

Sliding doors don't necessarily need to be built from hardwood or another solid material. In fact, these curtain doors evoke a whimsical dreaminess, as well as looking fabulous and minimal.

10. Radically reflective

Pocket House homify Rustic style bedroom

Pocket House


Finally, yet no less importantly, we arrive at our 10th sliding door design. Here the interior en suite space is divided using sliding mirror walls-cum-doors, which offer a sense of spaciousness within the sleek bedroom space. 

What did you think of these impressive sliding doors for compact homes? If you would like some more domestic inspiration, check out: 15 of the most beautiful built-in bathtubs you will ever see.

Original article by Honor Kennedy for homify SG

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