6 Scandi-style kitchens that are ridiculously on-trend

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In recent years the Scandinavian style has come back into the limelight for its timeless features, high-quality design and functionality. Those of you that are designers, or love design, can probably claim that you've always adored Scandinavian and Danish design—luckily for you, its rise in popularity means more affordable options!

Scandinavian kitchens tend to be smaller, yet fully-functional with high-quality appliances. Can you really ask for anything more? We don't think so either, so check take a look below at some Scandi-style kitchens are totally on-trend for this year, and hopefully many years to come!

1. Youthful and geometric

From a geometric backsplash and wall art to a large-scale geometric light fixture, this kitchen clearly has defined theme, yet the mixture of colours and accessories make it youthful and fun.

Looking for a way to add some colour to your Scandi-style home or kitchen? Stick with pastels and light shades for the ultimate effect.

There truly is an art to the Scandinavian kitchen and eating—take the time to do more research to truly appreciate it!

2. Scandinavian with a hint of Asian

How do these two styles combine? Well, easily. Modern, minimalist and functional, both Scandi and Asian styles seek the same features and represent similar lifestyles. 

The minimalism and functionality of this kitchen is the Scandi aspect—yet the bold colours and horizontal nature of this kitchen are the more Asian aspect—and we think a both combine quite exquisitely.

3. Retro?

Wonderfully white, with modern and unique fixtures and classic Eames chairs, this Scandi style kitchen is a small-scale demonstration of how versatile this style truly is. 

As apartment and small-loft living are most popular in Scandinavian countries, working within your space and focusing on function are the most important design aspects!

4. Light, with modern appliances

Combining both white and pastels, this kitchen is wonderful in its use of light-grain wood (a Scandi favourite, when wood needs to be used) and high-end appliances really shows that nothing need be sacrificed no matter what size or preferences you might have. 

Looking for a perk in your minimalist or modern kitchen? Why not choose a great patterned-tile or other small design feature that packs a lot of punch?

5. Incorporate some wood features

All-white with a great combination of wood, this Scandi-style kitchen offers a lot of textures, colours and light. The use of both articulate and natural light are perfect for this white combined kitchen/living room space, and the mixture of wood grains also provides a great design feature that a lot of homeowners forget about.

If you choose a versatile material such as wood, consider different colours, textures, stains and even ages of your wood in order to change the end results around.

A place for everything

Lastly, this kitchen really is an exemplary form of Scandinavian minimalism.  White, with light-grain wood, unique light fixtures and lots of linearity (the tiles, floors and even horizontal shelving system) show all of the foundational aspects of the Scandinavian lifestyle and design scheme.

Looking for a way to simplify your life and live in a more  minimalist manner? Give the Scandinavian style a try, first in one room in your home, and then expand from there depending on the feel. 

Due to the importance of cleanliness, organisation and functionality in the Scandinavian style, we suggest you choose a room such as the kitchen or study for your first try! If you decide you love it, we have the perfect ideabook to get you started on your brand new Scandinavian-style home!

What do you think of minimal, European kitchens? We look forward to hearing your opinion if you drop a line below!

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