The 6 best ways to make the most of your garage!

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バスケットボールのできる家, (株)独楽蔵 KOMAGURA (株)独楽蔵 KOMAGURA Modern garage/shed
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Cotemporary designers abhor the idea of designing a space with a solitary purpose in mind. They highly recommend planning multiple roles for each room, like a living room that doubles up as dining space or a corner in the bedroom which acts like a small study. There is a very good reason behind such a preference. Modern homes are increasingly suffering from shrinking space. 

Managing the interiors this way helps to improve the quality of the home. Your garage is not excluded from this concept and you need to make optimal use of this space to ensure the comfort of your dwelling. Let’s find out some of the best possible ways of making an optimal use of your car shed…

1. Design a stylish media room

Turn this into a cosy entertainment zone by building a modern media room in one of its corners! You only need a small couch, a wall mounted TV cabinet and sufficient storage for all the electronics. If you want to convert it into a music room, you can arrange the same as well. 

When space allows, you can even conduct small weekend parties in this area. Surely, your cars would not mind a little bit of company even when resting!

2. Use it as a store room

For a lot of us, making arrangements for storage has become a huge concern. Consider converting a part of your garage into a store room. 

Build an extensive shelving system that helps you to keep everything organised. Otherwise, your garage will become a highly cluttered space sooner than you can imagine. And never, ever resolve clutter in the interiors at the cost of the garage!

3. Build a study or home office

This contemporary car shed not only boasts of a ground breaking design, but is very high on functionality as well. 

A modern home office occupies a part of the garage. The two areas have been separated by a glass door. In a chic office space like this one, working never feels tiring!

4. Convert it into a sports room when empty

Do not have enough space to let your kids run free? Consider using your garage as a sports room to be used when empty. In a basketball court like this one, kids will never feel bored. 

Alternatively, you can practice your yoga postures and do some free hand exercises when at leisure. Keep it clean and ensure the flooring is free from any oil deposits. This added care will help everyone to avoid any mishaps.

5. Plan a utility room

Don’t worry, if you do not have enough space in your bathroom or kitchen to build a small utility room. Try to separate one tiny portion of your garage using wall panels and build a utility room in that space. 

In all probability, you already have plumbing and electrical wiring in your garage. Isn’t this a worthy way of optimally using this extra space?

6. Build a self-contained accommodation

These self-contained apartments come in handy when you need to arrange comfortable accommodation for your guests or any of your close relations. Due to their affordability, these accessory dwelling units have become sought after housing propositions in the big cities. 

As you have the provision for extensions, you can easily convert the upper floor into a cosy apartment with a chic design. You can also build a small apartment along side your garage. Use these ideas as your potent source of inspiration, evaluate the requirements of your home and make sure you do not leave a single square inch of space underused.

Planning to refurbish your car shed soon? Take a peep inside these garages that look just like an extension of your living room.

Which of these ideas would work best in your garage? Leave us a comment below!

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