The incredible transformation of a dreary family home

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Tuncer Sezgin İç Mimarlık
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Izmir boasts a long and rich history. Since the days of Alexander the Great it has repeatedly been in focus for a number of reasons. However, it is most famous for its handcrafted items and over the years Izmir excelled in the art of ceramics. Tuncer Sezgin learned these crafts early in this life. During his four years’ study in Italy, his knowledge of traditional handicrafts fused with the overall trend towards modern design principles. 

Since then he devoted himself in designing furniture, accessories and jewellery. Even this was not enough. He extended his creativity in the sphere of architecture and design. The remodelling story that we are sharing with you today is one example of his phenomenal work…

Before: The condition of the living room

The image of the living room during the first phase of construction is visible here. The brightly lit interior is its biggest advantage. It also has direct access to both the front and backyard. 

A corner of this space was dedicated to a small kitchen. The walls were partly demolished to allow modifications in the layout and improvement of the interior.

Before: Exterior of the house

The two storey house surrounded by a green landscape was in a desolate condition for years. The new occupants of the house wanted to turn it into a modern home with a comfortable interior and they handed over the project to Tuncer Sezgin İç Mimarlik. 

As you can see from this image of work in progress, the house needed considerable refurbishing. Electrical installations, plumbing and insulation were updated to the modern standards. The dilapidated flooring was replaced with brand new natural stone and parquet.

After: Modern living room with a stylish décor

The view of a very stylish living room in an understated colour appears before us. The walls and flooring have been completely renovated. The old stairway has been replaced with a new mono stringer staircase. Comfortable seating arrangements have been made using a contemporary sofa and day bed. 

The coffee and side tables are simple and complement the overall décor. A large rectangular mirror has been put up to add a bit of shine and glitter.

Before: Kitchen decrepit and gloomy

The run down condition of the kitchen is perceivable from this image. 

It not only needed a thorough refurbishing in terms of the interior décor, but also a change in the layout. It also suffered from a lack of sufficient natural light.

After: Open plan kitchen

The refurbished kitchen still occupies a corner of the living room but the two have been merged now to make the entire space look bigger and more comfortable. 

The galley kitchen layout is ideal for a small space. It is illuminated with a number of lighting fixtures. Wall mounted cabinets take away the storage concerns.


The interior of the modern bedroom is dominated by the shades of white and grey. A comfortable upholstered bed occupies its small interior. 

A tiny dressing room with a large wardrobe, stool and mirror also occupy the same space. Matching nightstands increase the storage space. Large glass windows ensure that the entire room receive generous amount of natural light in the daytime.

Elegant bathroom design

The design of the small but elegant bathroom is bound to make the owners very proud of their possession. Tiled walls and flooring look grand in a space fittingly decorated with natural stone countertop, laminated vanity units and circular mirror. 

As is the case with the rest of the house, comfort has been given top priority in this small bathroom interior too. In its restraint style lies the success of this renovated Izmir house.

Are you thinking of renovating your home soon? Do not forget to check out the successful remodelling story of this small family home.

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