20 TERRER terraces that would be perfect in Malaysia!

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We have the top 20 totally TERRER terraces that would be simply amazing for a Malaysian home right here at homify today! Each and every one of these stunning terraces will blow your mind and get you dreaming about your next design inspiration…

1. Top of the world

BOOM! We've started off with a totally dream terrace that makes us want to simply pack up and move there! This terrace is complete with an incredibly cosy swing seat size of a sofa. Full to the brim with fluffy cushions and poised in the perfect place for a beautiful view over the city from your apartment.

2. Cosy space in nature

We adore this lovely little spot beside the house; surrounded by colour, plants and greenery as you lie back in the breeze through your cosy terrace area!

3. Party place

This is the perfect place for a small gathering or a giant party. The atmosphere here is so lively yet relaxed thanks to the numerous coloured lanterns and the little lights dotted around shelter and the plants. Definitely the ultimate terrace inspiration for the social home!

4. Sit back an relax

Bedroom 3 Terrace TG Studio Mediterranean style balcony, porch & terrace
TG Studio

Bedroom 3 Terrace

TG Studio

A relaxed, laid-back atmosphere is ideal if you live in a place with a beautiful view. This terrace shows off its view as well as its humongous cushioned sofa—it has an extra length attached to it for when you want to simply lounge around and watch the sky or the trees around the terrace.

5. Chill terrace

What makes this the perfect chill spot is the gorgeous hammock that spreads across the length of the patio! This terrace is a good example of the kind of things you could do for a small home; small but comfortable table and chairs, plenty of plants and a hammock for when you want to nap in the sun!

6. Snooze in the shade

On those really hot days when it's too warm to function, this is the spot you'll want to retreat to. This terrace provides a safe haven of soft beanbag chairs, shade and the sweet aromas of the flowers. Truly lovely!

7. See-through wonder

Wimbledon LEIVARS Modern style balcony, porch & terrace



This would be perfect for the modern Malaysian apartment! If you're the curious type, how about a glass floor to your top floor terrace? You can look down through the green garden below as you relax on your lounger from above.

8. Ceramic dream

Firstly, this stunning terrace is perfect for those who desire art all around them, even on the terrace. The tiled floor is beautifully patterned in blue and white, which reflect the natural light wonderfully, so its perfect for those bright summer days! It's also minimally accessorised with a pair of simple cushioned deckchairs, a teeny-tiny coffee table and a vintage-looking telescope to get a better view!

9. Urban corner

If you need a space that feels like you've escaped city life, this is the place for you. You can enjoy an hour or two in this quiet area with a book, a friend or a cuddly pet as you chill out after a long day in the city! We love the giant, ornate plant pot housing a young green tree which makes it feel more like the countryside in another country and how the shade is provided by natural plants that climb the pergola and fall beautiful through the gaps in the foundations.

10. Sea view

You can barely tell the difference between the sky and the terrace on a day with beautiful, clear sky. This is perfect for the sun-loungers among us! There's plenty of space for a large party of people and the seating spreads across almost two lengths of the walls, leaving plenty of room for more! We love this for our TERRER terrace inspiration!

11. Spacious chill out zone

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style balcony, porch & terrace Solid Wood Beige
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

If space is a luxury for you, then this is the perfect example of how to use it. The terrace is used purely for just chilling out in the sun and maybe eve watching it set at the end of the day. Its beautiful stone floor has a cooling effect, too, which is refreshing for those particularly hot days. It gets a solid thumbs up from us!

12. Plant paradise

This one is a little different; instead of being filled with places to sit and relax, it's filled with plants and light! Ideal for the green-thumbed garden lovers out there who may not have a garden or simply don't have enough room for all of their plants!

13. Light and airy

We are loving those extremely comfy sofas in the middle of this stunning terrace. And to top it off, we have a three-seater swing seat, too! Fun for all of the family and even for hosting a large party out in the open air.

14. Eclectic and lively

This is the perfect terrace for a small household in a city apartment! It's small yet filled with plant life and other beautiful accessories such as the tiny hanging lanterns, the small umbrella that shades you from the sun and the table and chairs where you can eat in peace with a friend or two.

Looking for something small yet comfy like this terrace? Have a look at this!

15. Painter's paradise

A small, square area in the midst of the home, this terrace is perfect for an artist. It has ample natural light, colourful plant life all around in cute little sections of the wall and just enough space for all of your creative thoughts.

16. Dip in the tub…

At the end of a very long day, all any of us want to do is to collapse on a comfy bed or have a long, relaxing bath. Well, this terrace pretty much combines the two!

Made almost solely of wooden decking and cushions, this space is the ultimate chill out zone for a whole party of people. You can have a relaxing dip in the tub, a quiet snooze as you lie back on the loungers or read a few pages of a book on the deckchairs. 

17. Roof terrace chilling

How awesome would it be to transform your roof into the coolest place in the neighbourhood? This terrace is located on the roof of a Berlin house and overlooks the whole city. It's comfortable, relaxed and has a ton of space for its chill atmosphere.

18. Quiet evenings

You can imagine having relaxing evenings with friends over wine and nibbles in this beautiful space. The chairs look like marshmallows you could easily melt into and the whole terrace is made cosy and homely with a muted, coloured rug and small coffee table as well as that view.

19. Sweet and simple

Maybe you're the type of person who enjoys spending quiet mornings out watching the sun as it rises, or observing the birds or simply sipping a cup of tea over the newspaper. If you aren't looking for anything too flashy, you're in the right place! All you really need is a table, a chair and the sound of the world waking up.

20. The dream!

From simple to a dream terrace!

We are finishing with a first-class example of a totally TERRER terrace! The large, cushy seating curves around a small, warming, artificial fire pit. It's perfect inspiration if you have the space for this luxury! You can sit back and relax with all of your friends and family under the stars or entertain huge parties when you have a space like this.

For more inspiration, check out our collection of balconies, verandas and terraces! Or if you have a larger space and want some ideas on what to do with it, check out these 11 beautiful courtyard ideas to copy at home.

Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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