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Дом в г.Калининграде, AGRAFFE design AGRAFFE design Classic style dining room
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This traditional dwelling—or rather a medley of traditional typologies and motifs—conceals an entire level within the intricate roof space. The exterior gives only a hint of the grand and opulent interior that lays behind its masonry walls and shingle roof! 

Designed by Agraffe Design, a Russian studio with extensive experience in residential and commercial interiors. Their self-proclaimed aim is to practically implement their conceived ideas—a simple but strong notion. Alongside ensuring the functionality of the spaces they create, they also believe that the space should reflect the unique identity of the inhabitants. 

This home's interior certainly errs on the side of decadent decoration, rather than austere functionality. It's function with frills—many many frills! Let's take a look…

The exterior

Here's that quaint facade, sitting behind a vibrant brick fence with wrought iron detailing. The soft peach colour of the masonry features white cornerstone detailing and white window trims. 

Everything is carefully composed and perfectly manicured, with an almost fairytale-like charm.

The entry lobby

The entrance lobby introduces the lavish aesthetic of the interior. Soft, white and bright, the space is lofty and luminous! 

Delicate sheer drapery dons the windows, marble lines many a surface, and a Corinthian column stands proudly—albeit a little unusually—in the corner. 

The living space

This living space takes the decadence of the lobby to entirely new heights! The ceiling features decorative circles, which mirror the floor patterning, and enclose a dramatic chandelier. 

The monochromatic colour palette is sleek and sophisticated; however, the decorative elements favour the kitsch. Setting itself as the antithesis to minimalist design, it eschews a 'less is more' approach in favour of, well, a 'more is more' approach!

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The dining room

They didn't stop at one chandelier! The dining room, too, sits beneath a decadent light fixture—and there's more to come.

Decorative columns also make a reappearance, this time in a slightly more simplified Doric order. Classical references and motifs abound—in a very unashamedly post-modern fashion.

The kitchen

The kitchen adopts the sleek monochromatic charm. Located, predominantly, against the back wall it frees up the rest of the space for a more informal dining space. 

And there's another one of the many chandeliers we referenced earlier! It acts as a locus of sorts, about which the dining furniture gathers. 

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The bedroom

The chandelier in the bedroom is outdone by the elaborate filigree headboard. If that headboard wasn't enough on its own, it also has a draping material backdrop behind it. Everything is oh-so-plush and decorative. 

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The bathroom

Bathroom: ditto. Decorative, decadent, and a touch dramatic. Oh, and with a chandelier, of course!

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Into the roof

This space in the roof comes as a little bit of a surprise—the aesthetic takes a turn. The classical appropriation, that is rife throughout the design, steps aside and allows for a more contemporary feel. From the finishes to the furniture, everything is a little more refined and edgy. 

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