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An Indian house with weird shapes

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Ansari Architects Modern houses
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Today's home tour features a house chalk-full of fabulous nooks and crannies for relaxing and hanging out, showing why the Ansari Architects are one of the leaders in innovative modern architecture

What further stands out about this project is the amazing attention to detail—no small feat when designing and decorating a large house. From the master suite to the guest room corner pool, to the finely cut marble and hard woods used throughout this home, we are fairly confident you will reach the end of this homify tour and be dazzled. 

The outside deck

Landscaped Balcony Ansari Architects Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
Ansari Architects

Landscaped Balcony

Ansari Architects

This is a closer look at the outside, second floor deck—and it is even more amazing upon closer inspection. The floors have been done in different cement patterns, framed but lush green grass, depending upon the area of the deck

The space in the forefront of this shot is meant to be the entertainment area, so it uses squares for the floor and has set up white marble benches facing a platform that can be used as a stage. Further in the background, a rectangular floor design delineates a more private lounge area and, of course, every area has a fantastic view!

The inside corner pool

So this is a photo from the outside of one of the many hang out areas, which here we can see has been accented by a large corner-shaped pool of luxuriant cerulean blue, visible out of the corner-moulded, floor-to-ceiling windows of the inside living area. 

But perhaps the coolest part is the glass door leading from the room directly to the pool, making it easy to have some folks hanging in the pool while others chat to them from inside.

The grand TV lounge

Again, the many details in this main living and TV room, set on the middle floor, are hard to enumerate totally. But we will start with the half-box ceiling row lights, which mark off the TV and seating area—a twist on using floor patterns to perform this demarcation function. 

The next obvious wow-feature here is the split-level staircase with glass and sheen metallic bannister, which serve as the central joiner for all the house's rooms on each floor.

Finally, the curtained, charcoal mosaic wall behind the TV has been thoughtfully outfitted with built-in shelving and curtains for when you want to pretend the TV and wall are in fact just another covered window.

The writer's bedroom

Here is a room that features a bed of shiny rosewood lit from beneath with yellow track lighting, a generously sized white and wood wardrobe, a cushy window seat and a seamless built-in writing desk. It is the writer's room of the house!

It is what it is

Here we see that, truly, attention to detail reins and no space has been unused or left superfluous. A peaceful, indoor palm and rock garden sits behind all glass walls not far from an extra on-the-counter sink station, just in case all the other sinks are in use. Brilliant!

Courtyard living

The bottom floor's living room is situated just off the kitchen and shares the same off-white marble floors as the middle floor's TV area. 

But what sets this more casual loafing space from the other is that it is beside the courtyard, set in the centre of the house, which doubles as a tranquil garden area for relaxing and reflecting. 


One of four bathrooms in the house, this one in particular boasts the most amount of marble, and really impresses with it doorless shower and hard wood shower floor. 

It would sure be difficult to be a disgruntled guest with a guest bathroom like this! 

We hope you enjoyed your tour of this beautiful home! To see more, check out: The blank home with big style.

Tell us your favourite feature of the Grand Pergolas house in the comments section!
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