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30 kitchens that will make your jaw drop

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What's in a kitchen? That is, what makes a kitchen a place you relish being in? Well it is not just sinks, stoves, countertops and refrigerators—it's design. 

Today, homify has put together a big list of thirty kitchens that stand out for their design; from the honestly innovative to the classic and expertly executed, we are certain you will discover more than a few kitchens that will catch your eye and make your mouth fall open. Happy scrolling!

1. The herb and flower kitchen

A wall of white hexagonal boxes house all the cooking herbs and decorative flowers a kitchen or cook could ever need!

2. Art-as-island

A nearly all-white kitchen is only set off by one black appliance, a wall of windows and a hard wood island artistically and deftly built into the 280 degree angled side wall. Impressive craftsmanship!

3. Everything in between

This eclectic kitchen is full of pots and pizzazz—a triangle fireplace, translucent dining chairs, a chandelier of cave icicles and an industrial style kitchen and bar nook—wow!

4. Bamboozled

Bamboo marks the kitchen's spot here, with ceiling, bar, island and beams all made of this strong and beautiful Asian wood.

5. Outside inside

The skylight in this kitchen has been plastered with mock tree and blue sky landscape print so you always feel the daylight is inside your kitchen. Neat!

6. The upside down

The grooved, wavy white ceiling in this fabulous kitchen is like taking a trip through a beautiful daydream or looking into a biologist's microscope.

7. Fun and funky

Brick wall, old-fashioned pots and wood cupboards combined with a bright red fridge with leopard print lining. Very bold, very fun.

8. Mediterranean chic

The fresco of an Italian bay is impressively set off by spotlighting, and the use of curves niches on the ceiling and walls makes this a super chic eating and cooking spot.

9. The island of islands

The Kitchen Johnny Grey Kitchen
Johnny Grey

The Kitchen

Johnny Grey

This is by far the largest kitchen island on our list, spanning nearly the entire length of this white and wood kitchen, and cut at an angle for optimal usage and style.

10. Other dimensional

This Asian eclectic gem has black marble counters and a backsplash infused with yellow glowing abstracts strands. Is this the fourth dimension?

11. Country mishmash

We love the mix up of old country cupboard designs and warm colours in this kitchen!

12. Stone style

The stone arches, wood ceiling, mosaic backsplash large candelabras, fresh flowers, large granite island and scooped hanging lamps of delicate yellow glass and iron all together make us wow over the attention to detail in this kitchen.

13. Wooden wonder

Nearly everything except the marble countertops and the taupe square and hexagonal mosaic floors has been crafted using gorgeous and rich cherry mahogany in this kitchen, making this a wood lovers paradise.

14. Conservatory kitchen

Ever felt like you'd rather cook and eat in the conservatory? Well, here it is—a full kitchen plus wood-fire oven, a central fireplace for warmth, a candelabra chandelier and of course, circular river stones for a warm, natural kitchen filled with natural light.

15. Seamless wood

Here we have real innovation using wood: a seemingly seamless, wrap-around wood counter that merges into the dining table make for an amazingly fresh and unique kitchen/dining room.

16. A dark spark

An entire kitchen of blue charcoal marble and dark wood set in the lush green tropical forest.

17. Mediterranean eclectic

This kitchen's island wins the prize for most unique, made of a bright burnt orange with counter, stove and oven built-in for added functionality, and an artistic mosaic floor for a truly broad aesthetic of the Mediterranean spirit.

18. Sky kitchen

Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court Eldridge London Kitchen
Eldridge London

Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court

Eldridge London

A dining room with walls of glass and a grey timber kitchen with a ceiling-sized skylight that fully opens. Imagine cooking a midnight snack under the stars! 

19. Blue elements

An ocean dream of a blue and mosaic tile backsplash right here—definitely one to copy.

20. Club kitchen

No you are not at a nightclub, this is the kitchen. Purple LED lighting accents the white and handleless cabinetry, stainless steel appliances so you always feel a bit zazzy when you're in here.

21. Stainless steel feel

This is a chef's dream kitchen: industrial strength appliances of steel and glass—easy to keep clean and shiny—combined with a breakfast nook for serving up the guests.

22. Purple love

Retro purple and white—welcome to the 70's kitchen!

23. Larger than light

If you have ever wanted to cook and eat in the lobby of a capital city's grandest museum, here it is: arch windows as tall as most houses beam down on this simple, industrial kitchen of white, while the cattle waits to be fed.

24. That's a circle

All of the wall cabinetry has been formed in an oval so even your dishes have to go in a bit slanted. Certainly distinctive!

25. Pattern and light

Who said white kitchens have to stay white? Psh. A flirty feminine psychedelic pattern adorns these white cabinets, adding colour and pop, accented by subtle yellow and white spotlighting.

26. Colonial views

Classic colonial style paired with a semi-circle shape, gorgeous hand-carved white and emerald cupboards and a stove-island in the old fashioned style, set aglow at night by the dozens of candles in the shelving just above.

27. Regal purple

Royal purple bedecked cabinetry with gold taped highlighting and varnish, topped off with an outstanding purple and gold chandelier.

28. So classic

Chelsea Kitchen Lewis Alderson Kitchen
Lewis Alderson

Chelsea Kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Here is the classic of classic kitchens--black and white diamond patterned floor with snowy white cabinets, walls, window frames and bench seating. So clean!

29. Central lighting

A rectangle of angles for a ceiling lined with light soft pinewood—this kitchen gets the best of the sun and moonlight!

30. Outdoor kitchen

Ok, so the kitchen appliances are just out of sight to the right, but this is what it opens onto, making it virtually an outdoor kitchen of palm trees, wood and blue canteen lights. Woo-hoo!

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