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The mind-blowing house with an Asian flair!

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Klaus Geyer Elektrotechnik Pool
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Dare to be different—that's how the saying goes! We all want to be daring and outrageous in our lives; maybe through our clothing, our lifestyle, or our house

Today we bring you the leading example of a unique and daring house in the middle of Germany. Mid-Germany is dotted with farms, forest and lakes, until you discover this treasure; this stunning, unique home with an Asian-inspired twist, designed by Klaus Geyer Electrotechnik in Germany!

Modern facade

This modern, clean-cut exterior provides a professional yet beautiful facade. The classic black and white colour scheme compliments the house's surroundings. 

It's big, bold and extroverted and confident. Although the house itself is a sight to behold, it doesn't steal the natural surroundings' thunder!

Eco-friendly heaven

As we stroll around to the back of the house, we find ourselves in a completely different place! We've travelled from mid-Germany to beautiful Asia! The rear of the house boast plenty of natural stone and greenery to frame the home and remain in tune with the picturesque landscape around it.

In addition, the home is powered by numerous solar panels which render the house stunningly eco-friendly! It's a successful architectural feat of bringing the landscape and innovative technology together.

Contemporary bathroom

The main bathroom in the home is clearly inspired by the ultra-modern architecture of the ever-changing cities of Asia, such as Japan and Hong Kong. 

The smooth, muted colours are completely in sync with the smooth and sleek design of the room; the curved surface cascading from the ceiling, becoming a sink and then dropping down and around again to become a clever place for the storage of towels. We love how it is tiled in bright, baby-blue tiles like the shower—it brings more life and light into the room!

Beautiful bedroom

Once again, we find yet more Asian-inspired interior design! The modern design and intelligent technology, the house plants, the carved animals and, of course, the Japanese canopy framing the bed perfectly. It also makes it extra cosy.

More bedroom inspiration can be found right here!

Smart home!

Imagine being able to control the heating, electric, lighting and just about everything with the touch of a button. Well, in this home, you can! Almost everything is controlled through a smart touch-screen tablet on the wall. 

From here, lighting can be changed, temperature can be altered, and energy can be saved! This is just another example of how this mid-Germany home is inspired by the current, state-of-the-art Asian architecture.

Japanese garden

The icing on the cake—the Japanese garden! From the large terrace outside the house, a small, dainty but strong bridge leader to the piéce de rèsistance of the home. This idyllic spot instantly takes you half-way around the world. 

The individual pieces that tie the theme together—the grand pagoda, the sweet little birdhouse, the bridge—transform any mood and make you feel relaxed and calm.

Room for more

As if this place wasn't already big enough, there's a large garage and parking area on its edge. Perfect for family living and secure, too!

You can find more garage ideas here.

Stepping stones

From the house, these gorgeous, large stepping stones lead down to the grassy area of the beautiful garden, leading your through the middle of the bronze-coloured stones. They don't totally obscure the house, which is lovely; the house doesn't massively impose on the landscape and vice versa.

If you liked this inspirational home as much as we did, check out six ways to incorporate Asian style into your home!

The catalogue home with a surprisingly unique interior
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