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The small but beautiful family apartment!

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Tria Arquitetura Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
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We here at homify love small and functional spaces that maintain a light and spacious atmosphere. This apartment in São Paulo meets all of those points! Brazil-based architects, Tria Arquitetura, designed this beautiful family home that maximises all of the available space and outshines even the tiniest of homes. Join us on our tour around this little home's treasures!

Dining room

While each section of the room has its own flavour, ranging from the calm white ceiling to the rich red walls and finishing with a fine wooden floor, all these colours mix together perfectly, becoming a harmony similar to a fine red wine (strategically placed on the side of the picture).

The lamp, overlooking the granite table is an interesting modern take on chandeliers and throws great volumes of light, perfectly accentuating each level of room. The table and chairs, whilst functional, fit in with their surrounding environment. Their colours fit in with the sense of elegance that this apartment radiates.

Cozy kitchen corner

While not biggest of kitchens, this corner has all that is needed for a good meal at the chef's fingertips. The splashes of beiges and neutrals give the whole area the feeling of being alive and, most importantly for a family, homely. 

The kitchen is complete with all the necessities of life and the silver sheen on the appliances helps them stand out amongst the earthy tones.

Living room

First of all, let's talk about that incredibly comfortable sofa! An abundance of cushions is always the best way to make anyone feel welcome and relaxed, ready to sit back and chill out in front of the TV. 

The room is open and connected to other rooms so it shares the light and space. The rug between the sofa and the TV unit is a lovely geometric pattern of cream and blue, which adds more colour and life to the room and a refreshing change of the neutrals in the rest of the room.

Dining area balcony

Separated from the living room, the den also leaves behind the wine coloured walls, going for bright white walls. However, this starkness actually becomes a bonus here, as it gives off the sense of a blank canvas, the possibilities being endless. 

The blue art piece, mixed with the colourful couch, give the room some splashes of fun, while the table and chairs ground the room in solid hues. The hanging TV can provide a nice distraction, as it doubles as a sound system, and can entertain the young ones for ages.

Extra kitchenette

In the balcony, we have an extension of the main kitchen. At one end of the large dining table, there's more space to prepare, cook and generally be the host(ess) with the most(est)! And the added bonus—the view from the balcony!

If you need more to your dining room, have a look at our dining rooms here.

TV wall

For most family homes, the room with the TV is the room where you'd most likely find people gathered in the lull of the evening. This is designed as the perfect place in the apartment to gather as a family and watch a film or your favourite TV series.

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Which part of this family home is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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