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Six sneaky ways to maximise your small living room

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Do you often shudder at the very thought of inviting guests to your home? Is your small living room a source of disappointment for you? Be assured that you are not alone to suffer from this nagging problem. Many people have similar concerns about their tiny living rooms which sometimes double up as a dining area and small study as well.

Today we want to help you to maximise your small living room and ease some of your pains. So let’s explore the various ways of introducing this welcome change…

Choose a suitable colour scheme

Select a colour scheme that brightens up the small room almost effortlessly. It is not only about selecting a warm shade or cool. You should balance between the two to show the interiors in the finest of light. 

Think of varying the textures as well, especially if you have opted for an all white interior. This adds an element of surprise to your living room.

Design a brightly lit up space

Make sure your living room enjoys sufficient sunlight in the daytime and remains properly illuminated even as darkness sets in. A properly illuminated room never feels dull. Moreover, it makes the interior appear more expansive, cheerful and homey. Do not place objects in front of the windows

Try to open them up or install skylight to make up for the lack of sufficient lighting, if any. Install recessed lighting on the ceiling and make arrangements for table lamps and pendants as per your requirement. Chic lighting fixtures can beautify the space with their decorative presence as well.

Install glass panels

Replace the solid wall panels with clear glass panels. You may use reflective surfaces as well. This helps to make your interior look roomier. As reflective surfaces easily bounce off light, this drives away any gloom from your room. 

However, be careful with mirrored panels. Overuse of the same may give your room an uneasy theatrical feel.

Be very particular about the choice of furniture

Invest in furniture that is designed for small spaces. If you do not have space enough for a bulky three seater sofa, do not feel tempted to buy it. 

Slim or transparent coffee tables and fashionable but lightweight chairs would not only beautify your living room, but would also make it look less cramped than before.

Avoid selecting fabric with busy motifs

The upholstery chosen by you should not be too busy either. Use subtle motifs to make your couches and chairs look more elegant and unobtrusive at the same time. 

Sofas in lighter hues appears to be more welcoming and give a breezy feel to your family room. The same applies for the curtains and table linen as well.

Trick your guest’s eyes

Introduce something eye catching and capable of drawing everyone’s attention the moment one steps in this space. This could be a piece of furniture like a trendy chair or a coffee table, an intricately designed foldable partition placed in a prominent place or a feature wall covered with architectural wallpaper. 

You may use the architectural peculiarity of the room to create this deceptive sense of space as well. And, if you do not find anything else bring in a vase full of fresh flowers and place it on the side table or corner bracket. Remember to keep the room decluttered and relish the chance of showing off your new found interior design skills to your friends.

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How do you plan to use these tips to beautify your home? Let us know in the comments below!
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