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8 hot modern bedrooms that you will adore

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What does a modern bedroom consist of? High-end appliances? Quality design in bedding? Or the newest in layouts and decorating techniques? Well, of course a truly modern bedroom could include most, if not all, of these prerequisites—however, none of them are necessary! There are several ways to create a sense of modernism in your bedroom, no matter what size or budget—think colour, bedding, natural light and accessories.

The eight bedrooms below are exemplary of both hot and modern and will even create more healthy sleep patterns, as well as inspire you to think about modernism, comfort and quality in the rest of your home!

Wooden blues

Looking as perfect as a model bedroom, this patterns, colours and especially textures in this modern bedroom should be an inspiration for all! In a bedroom so wonderful, what are the highlights? 

The blue velvet wardrobe curtains, the wooden feature wall and the unique light fixture! With three simple (yet stunning) pieces, you can easily transform a whole bedroom!


One of the most popular bedrooms on homify, this rustic-modern bedroom is perfect for anyone with up-to-date and quirky taste. 

The design phrase God is in the details holds true in this bedroom if you take a look at the repurposed wood, plush textiles and quirky accessories.

Take a look at this modern residence with quirky touches for more inspiration!

Modern minimalism

This bedroom has a look that is representative of either Latin or Asian minimalism with the inclusion of abundant wood, tiles and a ceiling fan. 

Minimalist and modern, the highlights are simply the unique, colourful accessories and the wonderful greenery awaiting guests outside!

Stark contrasts

Perfectly sound and balanced, this monochromatic bedroom with a wonderful concrete floor could be too stark and cold for some. 

However, the mix of black and white accessories and natural light soften up the space naturally without any money being spent on loads of decor, accessories, or colours. 

Tropical modernism

For a more refined tropical bedroom, stick with fresh whites and creams, dark shades of wood and rustic colours like olive greens, golden yellows and burnt oranges!

Don't be afraid to add some colour

Pinks, greens, whites and preppy tropical patterns all make this modern bedroom one-of-a-kind! The natural light adds a special elements, as does the height of the canopied bed frame! 

Adding height to your bed is the perfect way to add the illusion of height to an entire room.

Healthy sleeping and modernism go hand-in-hand

Presenting itself with a slightly Scandinavian feel, this bedroom, with its mix of natural light, soft blues and light-grain wood is a perfect example of the intersection of modernism and comfort. 

The low-pile rug adds a super-comfy feel as well as the plush bed accessories. 

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Or simply pops of colour

If an über-colourful bedroom isn't much your style, we understand. Some feel that bright colours and patterns are too trendy, so they opt for pops of colours with accessories and decor. 

This grey-scale room is the perfect environment for adding pillows, accessories or light fixtures that show you do appreciate colours—even in small quantity!

Looking for more ways to add colour to your home? This ideabooks teaches you how to add tons of colour to your home easily!

Which of these bold bedrooms was your favourite?!
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