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7 amazing ideas for your bedroom!

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Whether we like it or not, the bedroom is the place where we spend most of our life; relaxing, reading, sleeping or otherwise daydreaming. And because we spend so much time here, we need to make sure that the room reflects our personalities! 

If you have yet to find that perfect reflection of yourself then worry no more, weary traveller of the internet. Just below you will find 7 ideas that will no doubt spark your interest and inspire the excitement that will get you redesigning in no time!

A classic style

Some say that the simplest ideas are usually the best. This stark simplicity of black and white, with a dash of neutral accents, will inspire peace those that yearn for a simpler and more relaxed time. 

The wallpaper, a giant city map, provides a sense of the-enormity-of-life to the room, yet lets you control it; since you and only you can see the whole design. It’ll have you feeling like you’re Major Tom, quietly orbiting the silent Earth, taking in all its majesty…

A modern style

Headboards can give beds style and class, providing a strong foundation for tomorrow night's dreams. This unique design and striking colour will no doubt transport you back to the times when you were laying by the beach and moving like the sea. As an added bonus, those that have always wanted to wake up to the sight of Cookie Monster’s chiselled abs should drop everything now and look no further!

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An industrial style

BOOM! Rustic meets industrial. This room’s wooden roof of raw beams and eclectic brick design evoke the calm rural life, whispering to you that all will be hunky dory, away from the hustle and bustle of being a sheep in the big city. 

The sleek granite floors are accentuated by the two beautiful, homely carpets that look as if they were pinched from a palace. Finally, the bed sits confident and circular in contrast to its square surroundings, adding an extra quirk to the cosy bedroom.

A vintage style

The wood panelling, unlike basic wallpaper, gives the room a warm hue as the light carries the colours to the rest of the plain walls, putting weary minds to rest. 

While the bed initially looks out of place, as if it were borrowed from a royal’s bedroom, it slowly blends in with the rest of the vintage feel, striking the balance perfectly between not belonging and seeming as if without it, the room would not be complete. The large, vintage trunk at the foot of the bed really ties the room together—it could be storing ancient scrolls… or your spare bed sheets.

A colonial style

While there have been a lot of hints to borrowing odd bits and bobs from the rooms of aristocrats and royalty, at one point you may just want to go all in and live the high life in full. If that be the case, then look no further! The polished metal sheen and delicate frilly touches infuse the room with a prim and proper personality. 

The crafted metalwork on the headboard and the picture frames is airy and beautifully intricate. We love the colour scheme here; reflective white, cream and, of course, that charming and elegant pearl of the bed. The armchair near the window provides the perfect reading spot, missing only a cup of Earl Grey!

A Mediterranean style

The simple wallpaper that envelopes the bed lets you fly free in your dreams amongst the tips and tops of skyscrapers, bouncing about like Mary Poppins yet with no fear of falling. In the morning, the first thing your feet hit is the soft, sandy carpet on the floor which transports you to your favourite Mediterranean beach. Contrasting the stark black-and-whiteness are the rich mahogany frames, mirror and chest of drawers that give an earthy tone to this airy and open room.

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A minimalist style

Those wishing to live life unfettered by clutter, we've found you an absolutely stunning inspiration! This simple room, opened up to the rest of the world by large windows, is a fortress of solitude and relaxation. 

The bed, with its futuristic and sleek design, looks as if it’s an extension of the room, melting out of the wall smoothly, before finally joining the bright sea of white at the bottom. It's mostly bare, but there are little trinkets that add personality; the wall art above the bed, the blankets and the general decor around the room.

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