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Before and after: 5 head-scratching kitchen renovations

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Ready for some more incredible remodeling? We here at homify love to show you examples of jaw-dropping room transformations with the hope of inspiring you in your endeavors, and today we're looking at kitchens. 

All of these projects show that it is indeed possible to transform any old, ugly space into an new, brighter, and functional one. So, without further ado, let's check out these five head-scratching kitchen renovations!

1. Before: patterns-a-plenty

This kitchen is just way too busy, and we're not just talking about that overcrowded counter top. Those tiles are unbearably loud for this space and don't match with the decor at all. Not to mention the wood-effect cabinets are less than desirable.

Let's see how the designers at Inner Tree remedied this situation…

After: charming and simple

What an improvement! The neutral colour palette was a good choice for this relatively small kitchen, as it makes the space appear larger. And we think these designers did a great job adding coloured accent walls to liven up the space. Much better than that busy tile!

2. Before: a sight for sore eyes

This kitchen is far too reminiscent of an old 70s style kitchen–one that was not taken care of very well. With its ill-proportioned cabinetry, confusing floor, and outdated formica table, this kitchen was in need of a little TLC.

After: open up!

It's hard to imagine, but we are indeed looking at the same kitchen area, and boy howdy is there more space! Good riddance to those faux-wood cabinets, and hello beautiful hardwood floors! And the kitchen island is a lovely touch.

3. Before: what is this really?

Looking at this image, we can't even really tell that it's a kitchen at all. Who could really call it a kitchen anyway in this condition? Good thing the architects at Agence Adi-Home were ready and willing to take on this difficult project!

After: a modern paradise

Wow! What incredible work! Not only did these architects focus on creating a visually appealing space with the grey cabinetry and complementing floor and countertops, but they also created an incredibly functional space by adding such features as a range hood, tiled flooring, so much storage space, and an open plan for easier living. That's what we call a step up.

4. Before: a novice attempt

Holywell Cottage Haus12 Interiors
Haus12 Interiors

Holywell Cottage

Haus12 Interiors

This kitchen looks as if it was designed by absolute beginners. The lighting isn't sufficient, the cabinets look weathered, and the overall setup of equipment is less than desirable.

After: out with the old, in with the new!

Holywell Cottage Haus12 Interiors
Haus12 Interiors

Holywell Cottage

Haus12 Interiors

Now that's better! Right off the bat, we can see that these designers did a wonderful job with reorganising and improving practicality. The sink is no longer in the corner, there's now enough light to illuminate the entire kitchen, that hideous microwave-oven combo is gone for good, and the colour choice makes for an amazingly airy atmosphere.

5. Before: could it get much worse?

Looking at this kitchen, you think a space can't get much worse than this. Nothing matches – not the floors to the walls, the cabinetry to the table, and the random accents of yellow and blue do nothing but confuse and irritate.

After: toned down, but styled up

Thank goodness these designers were able to take charge here! Taking out the plaid cabinets and replacing them with neutral, calming white was the best thing for this space, and with this renovation, everything just looks so much more organised here, as well. 

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Did any of these renovations inspire you to recreate your kitchen? We'd love to know about your plans in the comments section below!
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