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8 original ideas for your kitchen

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The kitchen serves a very functional, practical purpose, and it comes with a string of utilitarian necessities that will affect its design; so it may be all too tempting to let it slide under the creativity radar when designing, redecorating or remodelling your home. However, the kitchen is often the heart of the home, and as such it’s likely to be one of the home’s most used areas, so why not try and make it something really unique and special?   

 With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of a few really original ideas for your kitchen.

Breathe a little fresh air into your kitchen

 Wait, where’s the kitchen? Behind the pool!

 Conventional wisdom states that the kitchen is indoors, but why should it have to be this way? If you have the climate for it, why not create a kitchen that’s partially exposed to the outdoors?

The conservatory kitchen

 If like the idea of a kitchen filled with natural light, but don’t want to go all out with an outdoor kitchen, then maybe this is the one for you. The conservatory-style glass ceiling will bring that outdoor feeling into your kitchen without any exposure to the elements.

Be bold with your colour scheme

 Make a real impact with your kitchen by adding some bold colours.

Use unconventional materials

 Thinking outside the box when it comes to the materials you use to construct your kitchen can help you to create something really unique. The dramatic rustic effect in the kitchen above was made possible through the use of real wood for the cabinetry rather than MDF, and hardwood panelling on the walls and ceiling.

You won’t be-leaf the effect a few well-placed plants can have!

 The addition of a hanging basket and some well-placed potted plants around the kitchen can change the dynamic of the room, adding colour and a feeling of vitality.

Install a crazy countertop

 Mix art with functionality and install an unconventional countertop that’ll convert your kitchen into an art gallery.

Change the pattern of boring décor

 Install some eye-catching cabinetry—like that shown above - to make your kitchen stand out. Or alternatively, apply the same principle to the wallpaper or the countertops to add some sparkle to a plain kitchen.

Get creative with your painting

 Rather than a simple colour scheme, or even a more dynamic mix of colours, why not go for a mural instead? Dramatic and different, a mural can also add a sense of refinement.

 Still stuck trying to decide how to decorate your kitchen? It always pays to consult a professional. In the meantime, check out these ideas for a perfect kitchen.

Have you got any ideas for an original kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!
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