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Before and after: 5 inspiring living room renovations

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The fruits of a renovation  are hardly as enjoyable as when they're showcased in before and after photos. With just one look, you can see how much everything has changed and that is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

With that in mind, we have here yet again another amazing set of home transformations for you! Today, we're looking at living rooms. These five unbelievable living room renovations prove that with a little more investment, every living room is capable of being beautiful. So, let's get to it!

1. Before: dismal

Dismal doesn't even begin to describe this living room. The thick carpet, unrefined wall unit, and the curved screen give the impression that this space is completely out of the times. 

Even if this were fashionable at one point, that time is long gone…

After: everything done right

Woah! Now even we weren't expecting such a transformation! 

This modern-rustic fusion works perfectly in this large area, from the leather sofas to the wooden beams on the ceiling, from the delicate coffee table to the newly installed fireplace, this space just screams style and elegance.

2. Before: rubble and filth

In all honesty, with this room, it's hard to know where to begin. The essence is there, so we can identify the size of the room. 

Farther back we see the French doors leading to a small balcony. This could create a playful, sweet living room. Now let's see what became of it…

After: a living room with style and class

These professionals have done an absolute miracle. This living room is pure and high-end–the complete opposite of what we saw earlier. 

The former green walls and crumbling floorboards are now almost forgotten memories. White, glass, and stainless steel are the elements that now set the scene. And this cool styling will surely pass the test of time.

3. Before: almost there

Compared to the before-images shown so far, this space is actually perfectly fine. The living room is welcoming and comfortable. But at second glance, we realise that this space could be optimised. 

The fireplace is, for example, too bulky for the space, and the floor with terracotta tiles is unfavourable because it takes away too much light with its dark colour.

After: a coherent picture

Now that's a step up! Lighter, brighter wood flooring already makes a significant difference. In addition, the old chimney has been replaced by a smaller one. 

All in all, the dark colours of the original living room were removed, yet the feelings of warmth and comfort remain.

4. Before: dominant colour

There are many people who appreciate the green wall color. But in this living room, the olive colour together with the dark shelves just a little too much, don't you think? 

We think that the colour could be a good idea, but something needs to be changed in order for it to be more effective.

After: wonderfully balanced

Who would have known that striped wallpaper could have such a balancing effect? It brings the necessary change in the wall design that brightens the room. 

Also, a lighter wood has now been selected for the floors and shelves. We think this living room is much cosier now and radiates formally from light and harmony.

5. Before: work in progress

We are sure that some people take pleasure in a sort of deconstructed charm, but this living room is really something different. 

Everything about it seems unfinished and crude, and it repels us. It must have been a great challenge to find the momentum to finally want to finish the project.

After: simply amazing

Looking at this result, we are faced with one question: Can this really be the same room? The wait was worth it in this case anyway. The polished concrete looks sensational, and the geometric shapes and the indirect light combine to create an extraordinary, very modern living style. There are so many details that we like!

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We hope these renovations have inspired you to do a bit of remodeling of your own. Let us know your plans below!
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