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12 rooms with intriguing seaside style

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“Beauty is an all–pervading presence. It unfolds to the numberless flowers of the spring; it waves in the branches of the trees and the green blades of grass; it haunts the depths of the earth and the sea and gleams out in the hues of the shell and the precious stone.” And, how lucky it is for Malaysia to have such a long and varied coastline! Its beauty, accentuated by tropical rainforest, mountainous terrain, stunning beaches and colourful towns, attracts tourists from all over the world. 

Many of its major cities including Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Malacca are located on or very close to the coastline. So it is only natural for the country to have an amazing appreciation for seaside style. The following twelve nautical rooms will prepare you to soak in the eternal song of the crashing waves. Enjoy…

1. Stay refreshingly cool all day long

Perhaps, there is no better place than this cosy living room to enjoy the pretty face of the see and feel the refreshing gush of the moist air. Its interior décor lives up to that breezy feel which is palpable in the very atmosphere. 

Stained glass windows bring back the memories of a bygone era. Pale lavender tone sofa, cosy chairs and somewhat rustic accessories make the interior look pleasure–filled and hospitable.

2. Call of the ocean

Ever wondered, how it feels to sleep at the edge of the ocean and get up from the bed to behold its azure vastness? If you are an owner of a coastal villa you already know the answer. If not, you have the necessary inspiration right in front of you. 

All white and soothing, just like the froth that crashes on the shore. The bedroom has its own terrace and tiny swimming pool to chill out at leisure.

3. Dining with a view

Villa Gran Atlantico promises a comfortable dining experience. It boasts of an open plan dining room decorated with an oval table and tulip chairs. 

The space is stylised with chic lighting, tiny decorative features and potted plants. But it is the sumptuous views of the surrounding, obtainable through the large glass windows, that makes this dining room design so appetising.

4. Yearlong holiday

Gwel an Treth Perfect Stays Living room
Perfect Stays

Gwel an Treth

Perfect Stays

The interior of this Cornwall home prepares you for a yearlong beachside holiday. Its expansive living room is decorated in simple style. 

Aside from a spacious sofa with storage shelves and a coffee table there are hardly any other items to clutter the interior. With views like this, who has time to look within anyway?

5. Peaceful in nature

Casa Xixim is located in the Mexican resort town of Tulum, faraway from Malaysia. Yet, its interior decorated with traditional four poster bed, rustic couch, wooden tables and hand woven baskets feels so much in tune with tropical Malaysia. 

Detailed wood panelling decorates the walls and ceiling as well. The bedroom opens up to a small terrace. One can stretch on the easy chair and spend the greater portion of the day soaking up the beauty of the nature.

6. Steeped in serenity

Ednovean House, Perranuthnoe | Cornwall Perfect Stays Modern dining room
Perfect Stays

Ednovean House, Perranuthnoe | Cornwall

Perfect Stays

The colour scheme is inspired by the oceanscape which the occupants can enjoy to their heart’s content from this space. The large table is used to entertain a number of people gathered here to enjoy its secluded location. 

With views like this sliding glass doors prove to be such a blessing. The window seat has every possibility of being occupied for the entire day.

7. Gush of fresh wind

It is an unusual experience to have the foot of one’s bedroom perennially washed by the saline water. The owners opted for a location like this to build their luxurious villa in Grand Cayman. 

The room is comfortable and the views are surreal. The minimal décor makes this bedchamber look even more spacious.

8. Fun filled terrace party

There can never be a dull moment for those present on a terrace with such delectable views. Dining here would be a supremely enjoyable experience for the owners as well as the guests. 

Take note of the understated décor which brings out the best of a large patio with views. An infinity pool is built on the fringes of the sundeck.

9. The sea rocks the life

This living room would remind you the famous song of Charles Trenet, la mer, a bercé mon cœur pour la vie, “The sea, has rocked my heart for life.” 

It is clad in stone and decorated in modern style. The sofa is also carved from natural stone and is decked up with cosy cushions.

10. Sun filled and tranquil

This not so large bedroom is decorated in chic rustic style. It has only helped to beautify its modern interior and give it a kind of exclusive appearance. 

It is styled with a comfortable bed, simple nightstands, cane chair and organic rug. However, the tranquil vision of the cape is its most glorious embellishment.

11. Blue horizon

There is nothing more enjoyable than savouring the views of the blue horizon right from one’s open plan living cum dining room. The owners have done well to opt for a minimalist and unfussy interior décor. 

The far side of the room is decorated with a large sofa. The dining area is occupied by a set of stylish chairs accompanying a wooden dining table.

12. Watch the sunset sky

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



This penthouse apartment, allows the occupants to enjoy the changing colours of the sunset sky right from their modish bedroom. The shades of soothing blue tactfully mixed with white and grey is inspired by the seascape itself. 

Beautiful pendant lighting and mirror give the space a delightful look. It would be worthwhile to use any of these inspirations and decorate your home in a similarly spectacular nautical style.

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Which of these nautical rooms did you find most fascinating? Let us know in the comments section!
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