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An incredible apartment with a surprise at every turn

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Tria Arquitetura Living room
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Today our computer, or smartphone screens, are graced with another stunning apartment from architects Sarah Bonanno Almeida and Marina Cardoso de Almeida of Tria Arquitectura. The finesse and attention to detail in each of their stunning designs is quite possibly faultless. 

Having studied in London and Madrid, respectively, the two architects came together and formed Tria, accumulating their experience in various areas, including; urban, industrial, residential, commercial, retail, and interior. 

The duo craft creative and contemporary spaces that emerge from a belief that every project is unique. This calls for a deep understanding of and engagement with both the context and client. The results combine innovative solutions with function and aesthetics. And this home is a testament to their philosophy! Let's take a look…

The living room

Let's start in the living space: the parquet floors are complimented by concrete elements and warm grey hues. The odd red accent punctuates the colour scheme in a bold and effective manner. 

Concealed in a ceiling junction, a strip light emanates a warm golden glow. This is an innovative and effective lighting feature. 

Most of the furniture is oriented towards the wall-mounted television set that is bordered on three sides by a wonderful bookcase and console.

Furniture and furnishings

Swinging around to see the back wall, we notice the slightest ledge which also appears to contain a concealed lighting fixture. Pictures and decorations are gently and informally placed along the protrusion. 

The ottoman dons a fantastic striped fabric with a range of hues that are also picked up by the picture frames. Colour is not overdone, nor underdone! 

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A kitchen window

And shifting our gaze just a little more, we get our first glimpse of the kitchen and what a beautiful kitchen it is. Framed by the concrete structural members, a servery window of sorts provides the connection between the kitchen and living room. 

At the window, a breakfast bar with concrete top and waterfall edge provides a space to informally gather in the kitchen and eat. 

an inside…

From the other side of the servery window we can see a little more of the kitchen and really begin to appreciated the wonderful articulation of both division and connection!

An industrial aesthetic

The kitchen is just so great, it deserves one last shot! Black cabinetry is fitted out with stainless steel fittings and fixtures and set against the beveled subway tiles it achieves a very London-esque industrial look. 

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Dining delight

And, now back out to the other side! A delightful little dining table occupies a corner nook. The white table and timber chairs are anchored by the large pendant light. It's a charming composition! 

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The bedroom

The concrete, well probably in this instance concrete-look, has been carried into the bedroom as well. The negative space below creates an extended headboard of sorts and houses another one of those fantastic recessed lighting features.

A mirrored lined wardrobe door reflects the space and makes it appear larger than it is. What a simple and clever device!

The bathroom

Before we say adieu to this delightfully and masterfully design apartment, we'll take a look at one final space: the pinky-red bathroom!

Wow—what an unexpected surprise! The finishing touches in this space are a touch decadent: a gilded mirror sits above a stunning vanity. It's a fun bathroom that seems to have been given as much love as any other more frequented space in the home.

Let us know what you thought of this mismatched but marvelous home in the comments below!

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