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The coastal town of Locri is older than 2,500 years. Like many old towns of Italy, it has a number of ancient sites located in close proximity to the more modern edifices. This curious mixture leaves its mark on the minds of the denizens as well as those who come to visit the place for a short vacation.

The house that we will show you today shares this unique quality of the town. Originally built nearly half a century ago, its swank interior hardly bears any trace of its vintage years. It has been meticulously upgraded by Studio Proarch to suit the tastes and requirements of its current owners. Let’s begin our reconnaissance of this newly remodelled family villa…

Living room

The fluid nature of the newly refurbished space is visible from this image itself. The focal point is occupied by a sofa decked with snug cushions. Intermingling pale grey and light green is a recurrent feature observable in nearly every corner of the house.

A modern display cabinet acts as a partition between the lounge area and private quarters. One side of the rectangular living room is exclusively dedicated to modern cabinets and floating shelves.

Wall décor

Contemporary works of art decorates the feature wall. On the other hand, under the influence of a number of spotlights, the ceiling resembles a starry sky. 

This is not all. The room is further decorated with ambient lighting. All white walls with pale grey accents make it look all the more scintillating. The earthy shade of the tiled flooring helps to maintain a balance.


The contemporary kitchen is decorated with built in cabinets and a spacious kitchen island that doubles up as a worktop. Its white and grey interior is contrasted with dark brown wall and flooring. Aside from a couple of chic bar stools, the space does not boast any other articles of décor.

Stylish dining room

The tasteful interior of the dining room showcases a similar colour scheme and use of materials like the rest of the home. The simple white dining table, placed in the central position of the room, is accompanied by chairs in white and green shades. 

Such playful colours increase the cheery nature of the ambience. Courtesy a large sliding glass door, the space receives a generous amount of natural light in the daytime. The small garden can be accessed from this room.

Hall design

Except for the impactful contrast of dark brown and white, the hallway does not boast of any embellishment at all. 

In fact, it is too narrow to be cluttered with a number of objects. So the textured walls act as sole beautifying agent of this space.

Exterior of the house

Though restyled as a modern abode, a hint of old Locri can be perceived in the exterior of the house. The warmth of yellow, so common in Mediterranean houses, is the primary reason for it. Across a patio clad in dark brown stone, lies the landscaped garden. Both in its interior and exterior, the house exemplifies charm and geniality.  

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Which aspect of this cosy villa did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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