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A transformation that will blow your mind

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| E | L | V | ARCHITECTS | is an Argentinian architecture studio comprised of young professionals that foster a  strong conviction in the importance of client in the design process.  Coupling this with a penchant for practicality and functionality, they work with their clients to formulate realistic and original solutions. Offering a complete service, they are involved in all stages of the project until the completion of the work.

This rehabilitation, by the young firm, saw a home in dire need of repair transformed into a contemporary and interesting home! Let's take a look—it's sure to impress!


When we said dire, we meant dire! Beneath the disrepair, there is some promise of some solid bones to work with, but work they need! 

Luckily they team at | E | L | V | ARCHITECTS | was at hand to bring their design genius to this restoration. Let's see what they did…


You can't believe your eyes, right?! That really is the same home. Dilapidated no more, it has been completely revitalised. The home has been extended out to the external boundary and the new extension is clad in brick: sleek, elongated terracotta coloured bricks. The deep duck egg blue that is applied to the gate is the perfect contrast to the earthy orange. 

The home assumes a shielding veil of privacy to the street; the sheer mass of the facade is interrupted, only briefly, by the slit of high level louvres.

Material composition

Moving through the first layer of the exterior, we approach yet another layer. Here, the front door to the home is found. The composition of concrete, brick, white render, is sophisticated and contemporary. 

Combined with the timber door, there is a lot going on when it comes to materials; however, the selections are carefully selected and artfully composed. 

Opposites at play

Around the back of the home is where the artful composition really does its magic! Receding planes and volumes give the facade a depth, while also mediating the transition between inside and outside. A series of interstitial spaces are created; these negative spaces are as important as the weighty mass itself. Volume and void, lights and shadow: opposites are juxtaposed, or, perhaps, reconciled in the most delightful ways.

Now, before we step inside for a quick peek into the interior of the home, you may like to take a look through the modern homes we have compiled here!

The kitchen

The interior is restrained—nothing too fancy. The simple and sweet kitchen features a white tiled floor with black accents and opens directly to the exterior. It is perfectly connected to cater to outdoor dining. 

If you're after more kitchen ideas, you're sure to find an abundance of great inspiration here. And, on the topic of indoor-outdoor connection, you might fancy a look at this wonderful how-to Bring the outdoors into your kitchen piece !

Let us know your thoughts about this wonderful renovation in the comments below!
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