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8 smart layout ideas for one-room apartments

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One-room apartments and studios can present a plethora of design obstacles—from a lack of space for storage, to minimal areas for proper entertaining. After doing much research and finding inspiration from your European counterparts, we hope you have discovered how wonderful small-scale living can actually be.

As with anything in life, you must build from a strong foundation and find function in almost every aspect of your home furnishings and design. Start with a light colour palette in your small space and use your critical thinking skills to imagine everything fitting together just as a puzzle would. Below we have some great layout ideas for both one-bedroom and studio apartments—so what're you waiting for?

1. You don't have to sacrifice an entertaining area

Fold-away and collapsible dining room tables are your best friends when it comes to deciding how to design the layout of your studio apartment dining room.  Perfect for four to six guests, these types of tables will keep the long, fun nights coming!

2. Elevated beds

As seen here, elevated beds both provide more under-bed storage space and allow for better sleeping arrangements. With walls covering three sides and only one point of entry, you're guaranteed to block out all unnecessary light pollution!

3. L-shaped sofas

Perfect for company and making the most out of that pesky corner space, L-shaped sofas are great for those that wish to entertain and want extra space for friends to sleep on during those late nights in.

For stunning sofas that suit every taste, take a look at this new ideabook!

4. Shelving

You can never have too much shelving or storage systems in smaller apartments. Not only will they aid in organisation, but also in displaying your most-prized possessions without making your small home seem too cluttered.

5. Combined kitchens

Islands or breakfast bars in kitchens are one quick way to add an easy eating area in your studio apartment. As seen here, stick with whites and neutrals, as well as shinier surfaces to make your space seem bigger and brighter!

6. Try to include functional working space

A designated working space never has to be lost in the mix of small-scale living, nor does productivity need to feel defeated. Use corner or unused wall space to add a great DIY desk to give yourself a perfect area of inspiration. 

These Scandi-style office spaces (that are also Instagram-worthy) show how functional, small areas can truly be!

7. Neutrals are best

To get a great layout, you need to start with an even better foundation. This should include light and bright neutrals to work with. Shades of grey and white are perfect for studio apartments, especially when paired with lighter grains of wood.

8. Use unique systems to maximise space and storage

An elevated is one great accomplishment, but a sliding-system for your bed is a whole other story! This movable bed provides both elevation and ample wall and under-bed storage space. Move your bed to allow for anything from a place for yoga and stretching or a reading nook.

As you'v'e probably noticed, all of these studio apartments have a few things in common, light colours and functional design. We hope that you work and maximise all of your possibilities in your studio space to really make it stand out and feel like home!

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How do you make the most of your small living space? We can't wait to hear your suggestions and tips!
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