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20 reasons why retro style is the best for small kitchens!

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In large kitchens, it's easy find storage space, work space and food-prep space—but we like a challenge! Smaller kitchens force the designer (and sometimes interior architect) to come out in us and think outside the box. Of course, you'll have to plan for ample storage and drawer organisers, but what about appliances and accessories if normal, or large sizes won't fit?

Going retro is your best bet for smaller kitchens—from retro, pull-door refrigerators to small, Bauhaus-inspired teapots, you can easily have your kitchen decked out in the best quality design and appliances, no matter what size!

1. Stick with dainty, white cabinets and Eames-inspired midcentury dining chairs. They're the perfect size and come in a variety of colour options!

2. Light colours, light grain wood countertops and stainless steel appliances will give your kitchen an instant facelift while maintaining a high standard of design!

3. Plenty of electronic and appliance companies are going retro with their newer collections—these tend to be smaller in size and come in Scandinavian, light colour options—perfect for smaller kitchens.

4. An eclectic combination of colours and rustic-style work stops are perfect for retro-style kitchens!

5. Making the most of your exposed brick walls can add an instant used and vintage touch to your small kitchen, so don't cover them up!

6. Light blues and wood worktops are perfectly vintage, yet the modern light fixtures add a special effect.

7. A classic refrigerator can make a whole kitchen seem retro quite easily.

8. Combined patterned wallpaper with a simple tile floor design for a more romantic and vintage look.

9. Another angle on this kitchen shows just how vintage this kitchen is with retro-style storage containers and baking supplies displayed!

10. Monochromatic can give a super modern, yet vintage touch to a tiny kitchen—especially with retro appliances and light fixtures.

11. Cosy and fresh, this kitchen has perfectly combined retro elements with modern appliances for the best of both worlds!

12. Perhaps the most perfect shade of lighter blue—and with a vintage dining set!

13. Another retro refrigerator, this time in a light blue which was popularised in the 1940s and 50s in America!

14. Why not use the same tiles on the floor as the backsplash for an easy installation and optimised final result?

15. Metal chairs were a retro must in the 1930s and 40s and for good reason—they're durable and quite comfortable.

16. A minimalist kitchen with a deep-basin sink and Bauhaus metallic teapot is almost as good as it gets.

17. Clean, white and super retro, this kitchen comes equipped with a miniature refrigerator and Scandi-style light fixtures!

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18. Take a look at how including small and simple retro appliances can make a whole (small) kitchen seem retro!

19. Simply add some fresh herbs, a colourful pennant banner and retro chairs for a cute and quaint look!

20. Lastly, don't be afraid to use dark, bold colours and allow the bright, vintage refrigerator to speak volumes as a grand statement piece!

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What's your favourite aspect of modern and retro-style small kitchens? The appliances or the colour schemes? Tell us below!
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