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The wooden dream house within reach

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Kuloğlu Orman Ürünleri Prefabricated Home
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This could just be the most charming house of all time. Of course, the beauty of the finished house is characterised by simplicity of its design. 

Construction costs were kept low, and the building techniques allowed the house to be assembled easily and quickly. The raw materials are shipped directly from factory to plot, allowing for a speedy assembly. The finished product? A house designed for people who love simplicity, modesty, and the quiet life—without the inevitable chaos of construction! A residential home to treasure. 

This prefabricated house is the creation of skilled artisanal architect and designer Kuloğlu Orman Ürünleri. Using wood as the primary material, he has managed to whip up a comfortable dwelling for a family of four. Every inch of the design is tailored just as much around function as it is aesthetic. Let's take a look…

The familiar image of a simple house

The main body of the house has a simple shape and design. In addition, the designers also wanted the house to be user-friendly and easy to handle. 

However, the architect has managed to fuse just the right amount of modernity with traditionalism—it may be a log cabin, but it is one that is well suited to the 21st century. This ready to order home could go anywhere, and it's timber structure wouldn't look out of place among the kampongs of Malaysia!

A terrace for a sunny day

spacious terrace wraps around most of the main structure of the home. Ideal for relaxing with a freshly brewed tea and a good book, there is space available for kids to play while mum and dad put their feet up and relax. 

The terrace is also enclosed by an overhanging porch roof. This shades the home and keeps it cool on scorching hot days, making sure that the inside is fresh and comfortable.

Wide open spaces

Wow, can you believe how much open space is inside? We're truly shocked—it doesn't look this big from outside! The spacious, airy atmosphere is in part due to the lack of ceiling panels—the ceiling itself contours the shape of the roof, making this living room look much bigger.

The use of colour is also important. The architects chose to stain the wood a mild honey tone, keeping it as close to nature as possible. The air of simplicity is emphasised with crisp white curtains and minimal furnishings.

Corner angles

Everything fits perfectly into this modern abode. The paler-than-pale blue of the sofa adds an extra dimension of understated class to the humble space, while starkly contrasting cushions give the room an edge and prevent the decor from tipping over into bland.

All-access kitchen

The kitchen is situated next to the living room, and it's almost as spacious as the room we just came from! Moveable partitions and cabinets allow residents to adapt the space to their needs whenever they like, and the multitude of cabinets ensures that there is a place for absolutely everything.

Comfortable, not stuffy.

Next we visit the bedroom! This guest room is equipped with two modest but comforable twin beds, decked out with crisp white sheets. 

The decor is minimal but tasteful—billowing white draoes, a small stool, and rustic wooden walls create a light and bright place to relax and unwind. We wouldn't mind staying here, that's for sure!

A spacious bathroom

The last stop on our tour is this cosy but spacious bathroom. Tucked away in a corner of the otherwise open home, this well thought out room offers integrated appliances—including a washing machine!—alongside the standard toilet, sink, and shower. 

This is the one room of the house that timber doesn't completely take over. Instead, large rectangular tiles line the walls, their dark cream tone blending perfectly with the wooden paneling overhead. Overall, this bathroom perfectly showcases the elegant balance of classic and modern that this house represents.

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