A bright white home with a difference

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Beniamino Faliti Architetto Modern style kitchen
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The home we are viewing today, designed and realized by BF Studio architects in Terme Vigliatore, Italy, combines a natural wooden materials in contrast to exquisitely modern textures and decor. This home exhibits a striking bright white interior that is warm and inviting, rather than stark and sterile like many modern designs. 

Every room features distinctive lighting choices, and ingenious spaces for interaction are fashioned smoothly from the interior landscape. This is a gorgeous modern home for anyone who enjoys interior design fusion. Keep reading if you're looking for contemporary, yet nature-inspired ideas for your own home!

Inviting and airy

The first room we're looking at is the living room. The home creates an impression of being very spacious because it’s uncluttered and free, making it very inviting and airy. The pearl white walls are accentuated by cool photography, which in turn counterbalances the modern rug. 

There are a lot of windows to allow light in and to enjoy the outdoors. The furniture is modern, but some pieces are wooden, rendering a cute rustic feel that warms up the space. 

A different view

Here we have a view of the living room from the other side. Those of you entertainment system lovers out there will really enjoy this simple modern design. The white geometric shape complements the modern furnishings, and the dark brown accent wall does a nice job of tying in the natural wooden floor element with the contemporary design scheme. 

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Organic eating area

Next we'll take a closer look at the organic style of the kitchen and dining room. Natural light plays an important role here. 

Even though more than enough light is given off by the copper lamp hanging above the table and the various spot lights on the ceiling, the natural light has a deeper effect on the space, as it plays off of the natural wooden elements making up the furnishings and cabinetry. These natural wooden elements make us feel at peace 

Resting with ease

Moving along, we make our way to the master bedroom. This enormous king sized bed isn't just stylish, it's incredibly inviting with it's plush white bedding. 

There's a touch of the industrial influence here above the bed. The slate grey concrete decoration adds dimension to the refined wooden accent wall. 

At last, we view the bathroom. Once again, the wooden elements of this home play an important role, but this time, glitzy mosaic tiles take centre stage. The juxtaposition of natural with manufactured creates an interesting vibe that is missing in the rest of the home.

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How did you like this modern rustic fusion? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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