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What interior design style best matches your personality?

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We've suggested that you decorate your home according to colour scheme, Pantone colour trends—even your star sign! Now we're taking it to the most basic, fundamental inspiration—your wonderful personality. Whether you're all business and serious 90% of the time, or are of the younger generation looking to have some fun girls nights in—there are specific ways in which you can display aspects of your  life and personality in the very decor and furnishings your choose. 

Including everything from minimalist living, to tropical and laid back style, the interior examples below will help you figure out where to start on your next decorating project. 

If you're calm, meditative and prefer alone time

It's not that out of the ordinary to be introverted—some even claim that the world is mostly comprised of them. This makes your situation understandable, if not completely normalised. If you crave the cosines of your home, or reading nook both while you're at work and while you're out with friends, we totally understand!

What you need for your private oasis:

A light and fresh colour palette—stick to light greens, pinks, blues and creams

Cosy textiles and furnishings (like this fireplace)

Unique decor and accessories to prove that you're absolutely not boring!

If you're a student, younger and prefer fun nights in

Students and the younger generation are so fun to decorate with because they're still not afraid of clashing styles, mixing prints and patterns and including whatever their hearts prefer in their home.

What to include if you fall in this category:

Stick to cheaper items—this isn't anything permanent yet!

Funky and unique rugs, pillows and wall art

Plenty of containers for all the little things you need in your life—from hair ties to pencils and pens

If you're more serious and prefer dinner parties at the weekend

A clean, neutral home is perfect for those of you wishing to come home and stick to a certain, and healthful, routine. You want everything in its place, organisation is key and you're trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance

What you need:

Shades of white and grey for the primary wall colours

Neutral furnishings (like seen here)

Plenty of interior greenery, try fresh herbs for a healthy kick

If you're a craft and DIY expert that prefers organisation

Still very mature in its use of neutrals and some modern accessories, this living room is a perfect eclectic mix for those of you that want something appealing and modern, yet aren't afraid to feature those wall art projects or self-made pillow cases. Cosy in its own right, the inclusion of a candle-based fireplace sends vibes of romance into the air as well.

What you'll need:

Lots of candles, in shades of white in a variety of shapes, sizes and heights

One, large and interesting rug—preferably from a unique locale or flea market

Modern light fixtures and light wall colours

Pillows and ottomans that match the awesome rug you now have!

If you're a minimalist at heart

Still promoted and thoroughly lived out in Scandinavian countries, the style minimalism has now come to represent an entire lifestyle. Essentialism is also a new and rather interesting concept, inspiring homeowners and creatives around the world to only live with bare necessities: A few pieces of clothing and one or two decorations will do!

What to include in your newly minimalist or essentialist home:

Nothing… just kidding!

Stick to an incredibly neutral colour palette and wood for the flooring and furnishings if you can 

Use modern and geometric accessories where possible, such as candle holders and flower vases—these homes typically use natural elements as decorative ones

Ample amounts of functional storage

For those of you that are laid back, relaxed and enjoy the outdoors

Tropical and Mediterranean interiors are perfect for those that like to combine the outdoors in their indoor spectrum and lay back and enjoy the company of others.

For a perfect, relaxing setting:

Mix bright whites with dark shades of wood

Deep blues, reds and organges are the perfect accessorising colours 

Keep a garden as grand as this one in Singapore!

And keep doors and windows open for an added feeling of freshness. 

We hope these have covered your personality type—and if not, continue to search through the vast array of interior inspiration on homify. We guarantee you'll find something!

Which category do you think you might more than likely fall under - and how do you decorate to match? We can't wait to hear more!
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