20 of the cutest small houses you’ll ever come across

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“I will eat a piece of the roof and you can eat the window. Will they not be sweet?” Does the very mention of these sentences bring back fond childhood memories? Do you still feel tickled by Hansel and Gretel’s bread and cake cottage? Then it is quite possible that you will find today’s post utterly delicious!

We are about to show you twenty of the cutest houses you will ever come across. These are fairytale homes from reality. For sure, you can gather enough inspirations to fashion your home on any of the small abodes coming up…

1. A pretty little cottage by Lake Constance, as sensational from the outside as from within

2. A fairytale abode wrapped in the serenity of nature and rich with environmentally friendly features

3. A cool contemporary house in London with a stylish façade, lovingly clad in red cedar and concrete

Front facade and entrance The Chase Architecture Modern houses
The Chase Architecture

Front facade and entrance

The Chase Architecture

4. An urban tree house, compact, colourful and exuding a charm that is difficult to ignore

5. What a cute little country style house designed with gabled canopy, latticed windows and doors!

6. Remarkably inventive and adorable, set on an elevated spot in the pastoral landscape of Japan

7. Simplicity can be striking too and an effective mean to design a cosy house of a singular style

8. Not a child’s playroom but a real cute one bedroom house, designed with an intense blue façade

One Bedroom Bespoke Wee House The Wee House Company Country style house
The Wee House Company

One Bedroom Bespoke Wee House

The Wee House Company

9. Comfort and wellbeing made possible in a chic family dwelling with minimalist décor

10. Decorated with stucco walls and red roof, the beauty stands aloof and alone in the green pastures!

11. This is no dollhouse, but a detached family dwelling with a cheerful contour and lively décor

12. A single family house with bold design and warm heart exemplifying contrasting colours and minimalism

13. The charm of natural wood is undeniable, the clean and sophisticated design only makes this cosy house look smarter

14. Multifaceted and sensuous, a small house in Cologne designed to win the hearts of many

15. A cute caravan like abode with an exemplary design

16. A tropical haven with a ravishing yellow façade, tiled roof and terracotta flooring

17. A delightful urban dwelling showing the very best of contemporary eco-conscious design principles

18. An exposed concrete cottage with an irresistibly attractive façade and equally charming interior

19. Vibrant and colourful, a farmhouse steeped in the charm of the tropics

20. Modesty at times can be the best policy, this tiny house hardly allows a peep inside, but its trendy design does not fail to draw attention

Adorable buildings like these must may have left you completely dumbstruck. Why not go through them once more and see what inspirations can you gather from them for your home?

Hunting for small home ideas? Check out these minimalist houses with surprisingly cosy interiors.

Which of these cute houses managed to win your heart? Let us know in the comments area below!

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