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25 colourful rooms that will make you want to pick up a paintbrush

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Mediterranean style dressing rooms by Crafted Tiles Mediterranean
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So summer is almost over and we know that once fall comes, we will enjoy it for what it is but we will also miss the brightness of the summer months—when not much had to be done besides opening our window shades to bring some cheer into our homes

For fall and winter though, we'll have to get a bit more creative, a bit bolder. Yes. This means colour. homify has put together this fabulous list of twenty-five eye-popping, colourful rooms to help inspire you in your colour-mongering, home redo time of need. Enjoy!

1. One easy-to-do blue turquoise accent wall and complimentary sheer curtains make bare minimalism and a tight budget absolutely modish.

2. A bright orange ​accent wall makes a white bedspread and passion-coloured accessories pop.

3. Random rainbow pinstripes set off a bright orange sink counter and a sun-filled space.

4. Enthusiasm in the form of dining table and chairs: kiss me pink and lime yellow

6. Take a bookcase and shellac it bright tropic green and pair it with a classic poppy chair.

7. Muted pacific ocean blue gets sophisticated with white mouldings and burnt yellow armchairs.

8. A mauve brown wall littered with multi-coloured knick knack mirrors, art, look out on plush retro forest green sofas, sunny orange pillows and a red geometric rug.

9. Bring the outdoors in with a wispy tree mural set on a creamy wall with a hot orange butterfly.

10. Purple, pink and turquoise have become unexpected friends in what is now a vampie boudoir for minxes only.

11. Pink crimson carpets tie in the pink curtains and the wild landscape mural covering all of the walls.

12. A green-yellow wall splash with white borders rides nicely with distressed wood and steel appliances.

13. This London-inspired dining room sings all the colours of the rainbow: deep green cabinets, red phone box and multi-coloured chairs have this room down as one of the cheeriest around.

14. Mottled rose pink goes a country mile in cosy cuteness in any bedroom with wood in it.

15. Snow white-coloured, extremely distressed wood is officially its own colour—look how it brightens this boudoir set with the light blue and white floral motifon the walls!

16. More kiss me pink but this time working to make a little toilet feel immense and bubbly.

17. A midnight blue wall with strategically placed, mismatched photo frames is easy to do and so chic to have.

18. Wowzas: blood red sofas and ceiling portions are emboldened further by dark charcoal diamond wallpaper in this spicy modern lounge space.

19. Deep purple walls paired with white trim and a pink red pinstriped sofa make an unexpected and delightful colour trio.

Italian provence - Interior design od the Villa in Italian Riviera Mediterranean style study/office by NG-STUDIO Interior Design Mediterranean
NG-STUDIO Interior Design

Italian provence—Interior design od the Villa in Italian Riviera

NG-STUDIO Interior Design

21. Here is the ultimate feminine dressing room and toilette: deep purples and pinks and flowers and rosewood—tres belle!

21. Here is a bright dining area with sunny yellow walls, burnt tile floors and bouncy wicker lounge chairs.

22. A rich polished bed of white among the twilight blue village buildings at the port.

23. Tropical sea turquoise walls trimmed with lime green and white makes this nightstand teddy bear feel happy he is home.

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013 Colonial style bedroom by Design Intervention Colonial
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

24. Whip cream purple walls and ladder pick up the light from the slanted skylight for a delicious-looking bathroom.

25. Don't ignore the staircase: this grey one has been speckled with blues, yellows and greens plus given a landing rug with added purples and reds, making for a dashingly vivid stepping space.

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Tell us what the most eye-popping room was for you in the comment section!
by FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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