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10 affordable, rustic kitchen ideas to copy

Leigh Leigh
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The kitchen is the centre of the home, a meeting place where families share stories, cook delicious meals and talk about their days.

For a family home, this space needs to be celebrated and the more rustic and cosy it is, the better.

This design is wonderful because it brings natural energy to the home. The stone, wood, tiles and porcelain are very favourable materials that bring a special effect to the kitchen space.

For those of you who like a space where you can feel comfortable and happy cooking, then this is the ideabook for you! We will explore 10 fabulous rustic kitchens from top professionals from around the world.

1. Place tiles on the walls as it will be very easy to clean

Also use shelves to store your utensils. This creates a very interesting design, bringing in different textures and materials. 

Cuisine is synonymous with warmth. In this design, we can see how the kitchen design contributes to this, bringing in warm and homely tones and characteristics. The wooden counter top is the cherry on top of the rustic design.

2. Give your kitchen a touch of elegance with natural light

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Kitchen Wood

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


In this design, by Davonport, we can see how the dining room and kitchen flow into one another with similar materials used throughout. This gives the area balance and unity, while the polished wood brings in a homely elegance. 

You'll notice there is also a lot of little lamps and lanterns so that this space is still illuminated in the evening, creating a wonderful soft glow. Lighting can really enhance the rustic details of a space!

3. Create wonderful contrasts using different materials

Play with different compositions and bring out the best of each decorative piece. Rustic should not be synonymous with old. In fact by combining contemporary pieces with some antiques or vintage pieces, you can have the most stylish kitchen on the block.

Vintage can be very fashionable and give a kitchen a very special and charming touch. Mix your styles without fear.

4. Optimize kitchen space

Pippy oak island kitchen Churchwood Design Kitchen Wood Wood effect
Churchwood Design

Pippy oak island kitchen

Churchwood Design

Install cabinets, storage units and drawers throughout the kitchen. You can never have enough storage space in a small home. You need to take advantage of every centimetre of the area!

Place baskets under the counter where you can store utensils and appliances and add shelves to the walls where you can put your favourite plates on display, while keeping them out of the way.

Have a look at these: 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

5. Choose white wood for your kitchen furniture

The cabinets, shelves and drawers can all be unified by this very sleek and subtle colour. 

Highlight the beauty and sophistication of your kitchen by pairing white kitchen furniture with a dark granite counter top. You'll create a very dramatic and entrancing environment.

Have a look at these 27 stylish white kitchens for inspiration!

6. The more details the better

Furnish your kitchen with rustic lamps, cushy rugs and bright accessories to decorate your kitchen. One of the best ways to beautify the kitchen is to give it a personal touch. Use porcelain as the protagonist and choose bright colours to make this space even more welcoming and warm.

7. Say yes to wood

The visual impact of going for a kitchen dominated by wood will exceed your expectations. Wood also works in perfect harmony with your silver appliances, creating a very refreshing look and feel. In fact, all you need is wood and steel in a kitchen for the best results!

Choose a lamp with a modern design too, which will break up the silver and wood environment and add a touch of elegance to the room.

8. Enjoy a rustic and cozy kitchen

Lucky 4 Ranch Uptic Studios Kitchen
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

Use the space under your stairs to create yourself a little cosy nook of a kitchen. There is nothing better than having a comfortable kitchen where you can cook up delicious feasts while tucked away. 

Also invest in a kitchen island! It's a more causal space where you can interact comfortably over tea and cake or glasses of wine. It also provides an extra storage space for that small kitchen. Who needs a dining room when you have a kitchen island?

Have a look at these: kitchen islands to treasure.

9. Give some color to the kitchen and break up the monotony

Apply some cream tones throughout the kitchen, which will break up the look and feel of the rustic materials. You want to differentiate between the materials in your kitchen so ensure you offer some relief between them. Ceramic tiles on the walls can also help!

10. Details will give elegance and distinction

A design of the private house in the settlement of the closed type .Anarchi&I. Maltsev AnARCHI Kitchen

A design of the private house in the settlement of the closed type .Anarchi&I. Maltsev


Don't forget the decor and accessories!

As we can see in this design, by Anarchi, ceramic plates hung on the wall can offer charm and personality while a carefully picked out kitchen table can bring in some warmth and soul. The difference is in the details!

What better way to beautify the kitchen by installing ceramic tiles through this space too. The dark wood stands out perfectly against the colourful mosaics that are full of designs.

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