10 incredible hallways decorated with beautiful tiles

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You have already seen how beautiful and easy to maintain your kitchen and bathroom have become since you decided to install tiles in these spaces. But did you also know that tiles can help you to design a very chic hallway as well? 

Ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and terracotta tiles can add a whole new dimension to your hallway.  Check out these inspirations then and plan a similarly elegant hallway for your home too…

1. Modern home embraces rustic style

It is not uncommon to see modern homes embracing rustic styles. This home opted for tiles with a delicate pattern and balanced it nicely with tiles in spotless white. 

A rustic bench, hall table, prominent mirror and potted plants also occupy the same space. But it is the flooring that manages to be a cynosure of all eyes.

2. Cool hall décor evokes a Scandinavian charm

Tiles play a major role in designing a cool hallway like the one in front of you. While its walls showcase a herringbone pattern, the flooring is jazzed up with hexagonal tiles. 

Soothing colours, so much in the nature of Scandinavian design, and beautiful accessories make it look simply amazing.

3. Traditional foyer

This traditional foyer brings back the memories of a bygone era. It is meticulously decorated with intricately designed lanterns, wooden dresser and a few other objects of art. 

The flooring, with its delicate patterns, manages to win everyone's heart.

4. Hallway with an artistic touch

It is so common to decorate the flooring with tiles of beautiful shades and patterns, but what about the walls? Take your cue from this space, designed with tiles of a very unusual fabric like appearance. 

Small art objects placed on slim hall tables make it look even more cheerful.

5. A small hallway decorated with tiles

Welcome to this narrow hallway, designed for a small abode in Madrid, Spain. 

The all-white walls are complemented with tiles of a peachy tone. The motif is traditional mosaic, understated and just appropriate for a small space. A lightweight console table and prominent works of art make it look all the more gorgeous.

6. Oceanic breeze

Do you feel the gush of fresh air on your face? The nautical charm of this simple but tastefully decorated entrance way is indeed too difficult to ignore. 

The pale blue tiles find company in the blue wall and the ship is waiting to set the sails.

7. Touch wood

The hall in front of you showcases a parquet style flooring. But instead of natural wood, tiles have been used to beautify the space. 

Natural wood and stone effect tiles are becoming popular by the day. They mimic the impressions of wood or stone, are cheaper than either options and easy to maintain. The dramatic contrast between brown and white only notches up the charm further.

8. Retro chic

Very fond of retro design? Why not borrow inspirations from this stunning hallway gracefully deigned with tiled flooring. The pattern is florid in nature which proves to be just appropriate for a vintage setting. 

An earthen colour palette introduces a mellow and nostalgic mood not easily created in modern homes.

9. An incredible collage

Orient Grey Patterned Porcelain Floor Tiles The London Tile Co. Walls & flooringTiles Porcelain Multicolored
The London Tile Co.

Orient Grey Patterned Porcelain Floor Tiles

The London Tile Co.

It is highly unusual to see a collage of tiles on the hallway flooring. But it is this unusual choice that made the otherwise simple entrance hall appear so trendy. 

The colours are subdued and there is no visible attempt to consolidate different types of patterns together. However, the random use of different motifs usher in a very stylish effect.

10. Traditional mosaic does the trick

Mosaic tiles have not lost their appeal over time. The pitch black patterns of these traditional mosaic tiles have been accentuated with golden borders and white fillers—a fitting hall décor for a very hospitable home.

These tile–clad elegant hallways are full of inspiration. All you need to do is pick the right ones for your home and apply it in style.

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Which of these tiled flooring would you want in your home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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