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8 home items you need to get rid of immediately!

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Maintaining an organised home is no easy task, as you already know. Aside from dusting and cleaning, you need to declutter the interiors at a regular intervals, which naturally poses considerable challenges in itself. There are bound to be many items which have lying around for years that are past their prime now. Do you really have any intention of using them again?

But you simply cannot throw them away because they hold precious nostalgic value to you. This is a common experience for all of us. Today we will speak of those items that you must get rid of immediately if you wish maintain the positive vibe of your home

1. Expired food stuffs

It is unhygienic to keep expired food in the cupboards for too long. Rotting vegetable and fruits can fill a kitchen with foul odours—and dangerous mould. Kitchen cabinets and refrigerator should be checked regularly to find out which foods are nearing expiry and consumed well in time. 

A storage unit like the one in the image above helps to keep everything properly arranged, but you need to stay on the ball. 

2. Old clothes

An independent study suggests that 7 out of 10 closets could do with an urgent spring clean. We sincerely hope yours is not among this 70 percent. You are? That's not good! Do you regularly donate, upcyle or simply throw away your worn out possessions? If not, then why not begin now? 

The same applies for accessories. No fashionably designed home can afford to have an awfully stuffy dressing room.

3. Empty boxes and packages

For some inexplicable reasons, quite a few of us tend to preserve empty boxes and packages. Disposing them immediately after they have ceased to be of any use to us helps to free up some added space. 

Preserving them unnecessarily in the closet or under the bed only clutters the interiors further and robs our home from the positive feel that we constantly seek.

4. Books you won’t read again

There are some old books and magazines that you have no wish to read again. Why not give them away to someone who would enjoy reading them? 

Alternatively, donate these items to the local library. They will be grateful of the contribution and you will be of real service to the community.

5. Old shoes and leather accessories

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited Classic style dressing rooms
Tim Wood Limited

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

It is time to bid some of your old shoes and accessories a fond goodbye. Most of them are damaged beyond repair and the rest have lost their sheen. 

It would be silly to keep them arranged inside your shoe closet or wardrobe, simply because you can't let go. Get real—you are not going to use them again!

6. Broken crockery

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Painted kitchen

Clachan Wood

Chipped plates, broken earthenware or stained tea cups no longer in use should be discarded immediately. They have long exceeded their pass by date. Carrying them on won’t be of use to any. 

Managing a clean and hygienic kitchen is difficult anyway. It would be better not to compound this problem anymore by hoarding such useless items.

7. Old dvds and vinyl records

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shelfbar floating shelves —alcove , bookcase


Shelves full of old DVDs and vinyl records you do not care to listen to any longer? If you still nurture a great affection for the once cherished items of yours, think of passing them on to someone who would care for them. 

Or, donate them to the local music library. If they are no longer usable it would be a wise decision to simply throw them away.

8. Expired bathroom staff

Don’t you want to have a bathroom this clean? Then why are you so reluctant to throw away the expired toiletries, old towels and torn curtains? Purge these old things and cleanse the interior thoroughly.

As you finish reading this article, look around your room. Do you see old and unused things stashed away in the corners? If so, it's time for action. Get to it!

Too pressed for time? Use these snappy tricks to clean your house in a jiffy.

Which of these steps do you regularly follow in your home?
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