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17 beautiful black and white house facades

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The striking contrast between black and white has a captivating impact. Artists like Pablo Picasso, Kazimir Malevich and Georgia O’Keeffe were enamoured by it. Contemporary architects seem to have the same appreciation for these two shades which, technically speaking, is not a colour at all.

Today, we will show you 17 beautiful houses decorated in black and white. Their impressive designs will leave you completely spellbound…

1. A compact home in a serene setting

This pretty cottage, set in a scenic spot, has been designed with a slate grey sloping roof and white walls. The contrasting effects of dark and light have been accentuated by the use of pitch dark frames for windows and doors. This part prefabricated house turns out to be a real beauty.

2. A visual treat

Through its clean and contemporary design Haus Börger offers us a visual treat. Its structure combines separately designed cubes aligned at different direction. Use of black and white makes it all the more noteworthy.

3. Modern Bauhaus style family residence

Bauhaus design ideals were instrumental in changing the interior and exterior of our homes. This modern family residence seems to pay homage to Bauhaus through its sophisticated design. The use of different materials makes its exterior look all the more appealing.

4. A delightful house in an idyllic location

This dream villa can as well be called a stylish mountain hut of contemporary era. The architect has tastefully designed the structure taking the advantage of the surroundings and transformed it into a dream home for anyone to occupy or behold.

5. Enjoy the rush of fresh air

This modern family house is set in a perfect location to enjoy the gushes of fresh wind all season long. Built on the slopes of a hilly terrain, its stylish façade not only showcases a strong contrast between black and white, but also an intrinsic preference for clean forms.

6. Cosy family home

Ishinomaki house, a cosy family villa in Japan, also falls for the enigmatic beauty of black and white. While its walls are prim white, the roof, ramp and stairs are soaked in a kohl black tone. The presence of natural wood has a harmonising effect on the exterior of this fairytale cottage.

7. Family villa in parkland

This newly built detached family house is located in a scenic riverside town of Lorch, Baden-Württemberg. Its façade shows a natural appreciation for contemporary architecture and the minimalist colour palette. Set in its own parkland, it is spacious and has a two car garage for the convenience of the family members.

8. Minimalist façade design

The minimalist façade of the house sets it apart from the neighbourhood buildings designed in traditional style. Except for an array of vertical and horizontal window openings and colour scheme dominated by black and white, a spacious patio and garden increase its curb appeal.

9. Comfortable living in a tranquil surrounding

When the surrounding is literally bursting with colour, isn’t it wise to tone down the adornments just a wee bit? Cubic shape with clean lines helps to improve the usability. Minimalist approach is so much in sync with modern time. The juxtaposition of black and white makes it rather dramatic.

10. Modern house with a trend-setting design

This Stuttgart house combines the two separate blocks of differing shapes and sizes. Large glass windows allow you to peep inside its elegant living room and kitchen. A rosy main doorway welcomes you to either a completely black or white wing of the building.

11. A house with a surprising style

The use of a minimalist colour scheme is one of the many noteworthy points which make this modern house look so charming. It is designed with a pitched roof which comes as somewhat of a surprise because of its otherwise strictly cubic structure. The tiny garden shed does not fail to draw attention either.

12. A dream abode in a charming spot

Fusion is not a new trend in architecture and design. We see a fine example of architectural fusion in the façade of this adorable family home. Its sloped roof under the shade of the trees evokes a sense of nostalgia. 

But its structure is planned keeping in mind the comfortable urban lifestyle of today’s homeowners. Black frames filled with a chalk white shade immediately draws everyone’s attention.

13. Stylish family friendly residence

This house is designed keeping in mind the requirements of a family with children. Its upper floor is clad in black and the lower ones are prim white. It is planned with several environment friendly features including solar photovoltaic panels.

14. A design to dwell upon for long

The modernist approach weaves its magic once again. This spacious family residence is built in the suburbs of Aachen. Its airy and light filled interior is as delightful as its cheery exterior marked by contrasting tones. The surrounding greenery creates a charming backdrop for this fashionable contemporary building.

15. A modern house with copy-worthy style

Cascade House - Single Family House in Bürstadt, Germany Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH Modern houses
Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

Cascade House—Single Family House in Bürstadt, Germany

Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

The simplicity of design makes this family home one of the most remarkable examples of modern architecture, for simplicity is always difficult to achieve. Also commendable is the use of an onyx black tone to accentuate the otherwise spotless white exterior.

16. Pleasure filled family abode

This expansive family dwelling impresses us with its stunningly contrasting façade and cheery design. A combination of straight lines and pitches roofs adds an element of surprise. The spacious porch with outdoor entertainment zone and manicured gardens make it look even more gorgeous.

17. Cubism in contemporary architecture

You may as well consider this an architect’s appreciation for the cubist style. It is built combining blocks of cubes set in top of one another. The green roof of the garage is another praiseworthy feature of its black and white exterior.

We have shown you 17 of the most exquisite black and white facades. Pick your inspiration and give your home a most striking black and white makeover!

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