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10 magical fairytale homes to fall in love with

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Chattarpur Farmhouse New Delhi monica khanna designs Balconies, verandas & terracesFurniture
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Once upon a time, we all had the same dream: that perfect fairytale house, hidden amongst the dappled sunlight in a mysterious woods, and surrounded by the beautiful colours of flowers. This list proves that the dream can come true!

The reality is that, just like the fairytale life, a fairytale home is hard to find. It takes a lot of hard work, design and dreaming. If you want to live as if in a story book, take some hints and inspiration from the following…

1. Charming cottage

Only the most majestic of homes has a staircase leading up to them! The brick steps and the delicate wrought iron details create a dreamy facade alongside the greenery and tiled ground outside of the house.

2. Bright and bold door

Big, bright colours on the front door makes for a more striking entrance into the home and can also take you back to when you read nursery rhymes and old stories. Like when you imagined your future house and were as wacky and wonderful as your imagination took you!

3. Happy ending home

Chattarpur Farmhouse New Delhi monica khanna designs Balconies, verandas & terracesFurniture
monica khanna designs

Chattarpur Farmhouse New Delhi

monica khanna designs

This house looks like the kind of place you'd walk into when your story has had its happy ending and you're off to live happily ever after. Dainty stepping stones lead up to an entrance built over a pool, and the interior is open up into the surrounding wood so you'll never want for a view.

4. Cosy cottage

A cottage in the sun usually features in fairytales and this one is no different. There are flowers scattered everywhere, an extensive pile of logs outside ready for a fire, and the facade is grand and neat, perfect for a family home!

5. Log cabin in the meadow

As if it hopped right out of a fairytale, this house boasts a facade fit for royalty. The wood exterior creates an earthy tone, which is continued by the abundance of beautiful flowers surrounding the house!

6. Extraordinary bungalow

The grand and tall roof towers over the land like a castle. Evergreens and other plants are dotted around the home and garden, and some of them are even shaped into weird and wonderful silhouettes!

7. Grandest of them all

This impressive house is a stunning combination of a castle and a cottage with its gorgeous thatched roof and huge size. Every detail screams charming! It has an atmosphere that makes you feel like part of a story, as if you might find a girl and three bears upstairs…

8. If you go down to the woods today…

… You're sure of a beautiful surprise! This charming log cabin rests at peace with the woods, where many animals will leap through and no villain can reach you. It's small but perfectly sized for two!

9. In a land far, far away

Like a bright castle in a dream, this home could easily be mistaken for the home of a princess who needs waking up. It's made of a bright stone which reflects the natural light and shines in the day. A strong protection, perfect retreat and an impressive look!

10. Dream come true

To end our story, we come to a home that combines the best parts of a cosy cottage and a modern home to create this beautiful dream home! In the middle of the woods, with plenty of windows from which to gaze out at the flowers, and a warm glow coming from the inside—it makes us want to be the creature who live in it!

If you want to something similarly picture-perfect, check out this home in the heart of South Korea here!

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